How do you date a Pendleton blanket?

Find the blue label marked “Beaver State, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off., Pendleton Woolen Mills, Pendleton, Oregon, Robes and Shawls” on the reverse of the blanket in the lower right-hand corner. Slight variations in the design and wording on the label can help determine its age.

What are Pendleton blankets?

TRADING BLANKETS Trade expanded from the Nez Perce nation near Pendleton to the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni nations. These Pendleton blankets were used as basic wearing apparel and as a standard of value for trading and credit among Native Americans. The blankets also became prized for ceremonial use.

Why are Pendleton blankets so cheap at Costco?

As @Costco_DoesItAgain noted on Instagram, there is a bit of a caveat, though—the Costco Pendleton blankets don’t appear to be made of wool. Rather, they’re made of a Sherpa material, which is likely the reason for the drastically lowered price.

Why do Native Americans gift blankets?

The Native Americans use blankets to pay off debts, to show gratitude, or to indicate status. Blankets are used as temporary shelter, as curtains or awnings, for warmth and for adornment. Indians cradle their babies in blankets, they dance in blankets, and when they die, often they are buried in their blankets.

What kind of label does Pendleton Indian blankets have?

All Pendleton Indian blankets have carried the Beaver State label for a very long time and still do so today. There have been four different Beaver State labels over the years.

Who is the manufacturer of Beaver State blankets?

How to Identify Beaver State Pendleton Blankets. Made by Oregon-based Pendleton Woolen Mills, Beaver State is a line of Indian trade blankets that has been in production since 1912. The line, which includes shawls and robes in addition to blankets, was originally sold to the nearby Walla Walla, Cayuse and Umatilla tribes.

How to identify Beaver State Pendleton blanket pattern?

You can also email Pendleton photos of both the blanket pattern and the tag for identification, or collectors can check the company’s Blankets and Home division’s Facebook page for patterns and information. Kurt Erickson has more than 20 years of experience writing for newspapers in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri and Indiana.

What are the different types of Indian blankets?

Over the years Pendleton’s primary Indian blanket lines have been Pendleton, Beaver State, Cayuse and Blackfoot. The latter two were budget labels and used remanufactured wool as opposed to the virgin wool used in the Pendleton and Beaver State lines. ONLY the Beaver State line of Indian blankets has been made in the modern era.