How do you date Slingerland drums?

Take a look at the badge on the drum. The drum badge is one of the easiest ways to accurately date a Slingerland drum. The shape of the badge is a great identifier. From 1928-1948, Slingerland used metal badges with a more floral shape.

Where are Ludwig rockers made?

The Rockers were the first drums made in the, then new, Monroe, NC plant. The Chicago factory was closed around 1985 and all US Ludwig production then went to NC. They were 4 ply shells, 6 or 7 mm thick and made of poplar and birch. The same shell was eventually used on the higher priced Super Classics.

When did Ludwig start using serial numbers?

The database includes drums from the beginning of Ludwig’s use of serial numbers on Keystone badges in late 1963 and continues through the Blue/Olive Badges to the large Keystone badges which began in around 1984.

What is the difference between Ludwig Black Beauty and Supraphonic?

The Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum boasts a seamless beaded 1.2mm brass shell. The shell is completely smooth, with a black chrome finish all over the brass. The Ludwig Supraphonic, on the other hand, takes advantage of a seamless beaded 1.7mm aluminum shell that sports a smooth, mirror-shine chrome finish.

What are Ludwig rockers made of?

They were 4 ply shells, 6 or 7 mm thick and made of poplar and birch. The same shell was eventually used on the higher priced Super Classics.

When did Ludwig Rockers come out?

Re: Ludwig Rockers Started around 1984 as the Standard or S/L line and had many evolutions/configurations up until 1994-ish. This appears to be when the line was made over seas. My kit was cataloged as having the Standard lugs, but it was built with Classic lugs. So anything is possible with the Rocker line.

Are all Ludwig drums made in the USA?

In addition to Ludwig, two others are in the United States. They recently combined: Drum Workshop in California bought the rights to make and distribute Gretsch Drums, which has a plant in Ridgeland, S.C., near Savannah, Ga.

What happened to Ludwig drums?

Ludwig Drums: A Move Away from Home In 1981, William F. Ludwig II retired and the Ludwig drum name was sold yet again – this time to The Selmer Company. This culminated in a huge operations shift in 1984 (the 75th anniversary of Ludwig production) as they moved from their home in Chicago to Monroe in North Carolina.

What kind of drum is the Ludwig Supraphonic?

Model: Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic 5×14 snare drum Year: 1963 to present Description: Current model is U.S. made and has a spun aluminum seamless shell with chrome plating, imperial lugs, and a P85 throw off.

What are the serial numbers of Ludwig drums?

Keystone Badges Year Serial 1966 260XXX – 449XXX 1967 450XXX – 548XXX 1968 549XXX – 665372 1969 670XXX – 741215

When did Ludwig change their name to supra phonic 400?

The felt was changed to white in 1964 1963: Name changed from Super Ludwig 400 to Supra-Phonic 400, serial numbers began to be stamped on badges in late 1963 – 4 digits – in ’64 five digits – and in ’65 six digits, Lug screws changed from hex head screws and washers to flat head screws w small bell washers.

What are the snare beds on a Super Ludwig?

The snare beds of the Super-Ludwig are crimped. The snare beds of an Acousti-Perfect shell appear less severe and not as apparent because they are gradually tapered away from the snare wire center position, and there is no visible crimp to the bed. 7.