How do you enter cheats on Saints Row 2 for ps3?

Saints Row 2 Special Cheats To unlock the following world-altering affects, insert the cheats below into your in-game cell phone. Once the number is accepted, head to the in-game cheats menu and activate the unlocked cheat. Keep in mind that using cheats will disable your ability to fulfill achievement requirements.

Does Saints Row 3 remastered have cheat codes?

To activate cheats in Saints Row: The Third Remastered, all you have to do is open up your phone and select the cheats app. There is one caveat with using cheat codes in Saints Row: The Third Remastered, however: with them activated the game won’t autosave, and you also cannot unlock achievements or trophies.

How do you unlock unlimited ammo in Saints Row 2?

Saints Row 2 Ammo Exploit Cheats

  1. Infinite Pistol Ammo – Complete Fuzz, Mission 6 (Projects)
  2. Infinite Rifle Ammo – Complete all hitman lists.
  3. Infinite SMG Ammo – Complete Snatch, Level 6 (Downtown)
  4. Infinite Shotgun Ammo – Complete Drug Trafficking (Airport District)

How do you get a lot of respect in Saints Row 2?

Saints Row 2 Purchasing higher quality Clothing, Jewelry and Tattoos give a Style bonus, which boosts the amount of Respect earned.

How do you enter cheats in Saints Row 3?

Inputting these cheat codes in Saints Row 3 is simple. In-game, pull up your cell phone (Tab on keyboard, Back button on Xbox controller). Select Extras and then Cheats. That’s right—there’s a dedicated cheats menu.

Are there any cheat codes for Saint’s Row 2?

1. Saint´s Row 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints Pause game play, then access the cell phone. Choose the “Dial” option, then enter one of the following numbers, including the # symbol, and press “Send”. A message will confirm correct code entry. Then, go to “Cheats” and select the now unlocked option.

How to add custom notes to Saints Row 2?

Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Dial the Phone Numbers in the phone book. Contributed By: XX_brawler_XX, Cha0sC0re, RedBollu, blueninja4444, LightKeria, DrgnZomb, Deucefourtysx, and tadgerbadger.

How to enter any vehicle in Saints Row 2?

To enter any vehicle in the game instance, you must first get on top of the vehicle (most easily accomplished with cars, and more difficult with other vehicles but still possible). Simply hit triangle to enter the vehicle as you normally would and you will instantly be inside the driver’s seat. Works on unoccupied and occupied vehicles.

How to get the 9mm pistol in Saints Row 2?

Go to phone and press the # symbol, and then 9, finally press call. Enter #1062 with the “#” symbol into your the dial section of your phone. Enter #1073 with the “#” symbol into your the dial section of your phone. To get the 9mm pistol, pull out his phone and dial 555-678-543