How do you get free gems on Mineplex?

Another way to get Gems and Shards quickly, is by playing games or mini-games that are fast and easy for you to win. Quick games that benefit you a lot, are Nano Games, Micro Battles, SSM and SSM Teams, Sky Wars, Dragons, and most of the Mini Games. Amplifiers help boost the amount of gems and shards by a lot too.

Can you hack on Mineplex?

Any modification that is not approved or known as a hacked client is never allowed on Mineplex including on lobbies, as it gives an advantage over other players.

How do you get gems fast on Mineplex?

As other players have mentioned on the post, playing games that you’re good at is the most enjoyable way to earn gems. I personally love to play Cakewars with friends, Skywars, and even Mixed Arcade for gems. I personally love to play Skywars as you can play solo and it allows you to grind quicker for gems and XP.

Can you buy gems in Mineplex?

Gems are the main form of currency used on Mineplex. They were announced on July 2nd, 2013, and released on July 6th, 2013. Gems can be acquired in a variety of ways, mainly by playing minigames. Currently, Gems are only used for buying kits; in turn, they are the only currency to have any gameplay impact.

How do you get kits on Mineplex?

In order to get a kit, you must purchase it with gems. All the kits for every game are purchasable with gems. You can get gems by playing games or from collecting daily rewards from Carl the Creeper. To collect your daily reward, log in to a lobby and turn directly around.

What game gives the most gems in Mineplex?

In my experience, Bomb Lobbers is the game that gives the most Gems, Shards, and XP in the least amount of time. Once I got 600 gems from a ten minute game, which you can increase by throwing more TNT and getting more direct hits/kills.

What game gives most gems in Mineplex?

In my experience, Bomb Lobbers is the game that gives the most Gems, Shards, and XP in the least amount of time.

Is Mineplex a bedrock?

On Bedrock, Mineplex is on the server page without even needing to be typed in. Players can just tap on one button and click Mineplex to be taken directly to Bedrock without ever needing to type in “” as they do with Java (just swapping pe with us). On Bedrock, there’s a built-in store.

How do you select a kit in Skywars?

when your in the lobby waiting for the game to start, there should be a bow in your inventory. Just right click it and select your kit.

How do you farm shards in Mineplex?

Ways to obtain Shards

  1. Collect them from a Treasure Party Bomb.
  2. Get them from Game Loot (rare).
  3. Find them in Treasure Chests from Duplicates.
  4. Playing Games and Earning Gems.
  5. Various Morphs.
  6. Win them in a spin (Carl Ticket).
  7. Collect the daily reward.
  8. Valentines Gifts (rare) 130-150 Shards.

How do you install Mineplex?

Have fun!

  1. Buy and Download or Install Minecraft from or your local store.
  2. Launch the game from your device.
  3. Select “Play” From the Main Menu.
  4. Select “Servers” at the top.
  5. Select Mineplex from the list to join Mineplex!
  6. Have fun!