HOW DO YOU GET STAR test results?

To find test results, select “Test Results Search” or “Test Results Adv. Search” from the navigation bar at the top of the page. Important Note: Test results for individual students are available only to parents/guardians and may be obtained only from the schools and school districts where students were tested.

What happens if you cheat on a star test?

For students, the standard penalty for cheating is a zero on the exam or perhaps automatic failure of the course. At worst you get booted from school if you attend a military academy or some other school that is more interested in punishing students than having them learn from their mistakes.

What is the growth score on the STAR reading test?

SGP is reported on a 1–99 scale, with lower numbers indicating lower relative growth and higher numbers indicating higher relative growth. For example, an SGP score of 90 means the student has shown more growth than 90 percent of his/her academic peers.

Do colleges look at STAR test scores?

Putting STAR Results in Their Proper Context From those half-million California graduates, less than 10% are accepted to any school in the UC system, not to mention even more highly ranked private universities.

Does the Smarter Balanced test matter?

For high school students, more than 200 colleges and universities in seven states, including all California State Universities have agreed to use Smarter Balanced scores to determine course placement.

What do Staar scores mean?

The STAAR scale score lets you compare your child’s score with the Satisfactory and Advanced performance levels. The scale score indicates how far above or below these performance levels your child’s achievement is. Once students have taken a STAAR assessment they will receive a score indicating their performance.

Can I delete a star reading test?

Although you cannot permanently delete a STAR Reading test from a student’s test record, you can deactivate a test. Deactivating a test removes the test-taking data and the test results from any reports or calculations for that student. If necessary, a deactivated test can be reactivated again at a later time.

Is cheating on the Staar test illegal?

The Texas Education Agency also has guidelines in place for any student who is caught cheating or attempting to cheat on a state assessment with a cell phone or in any other manner. Districts must report these incidents to TEA, invalidate the student’s test, and have local consequences in place for these violations.