How do you get the SS ticket in Omega Ruby?

Only the S.S. Ticket can be obtained in the game, which the player receives after entering the Hall of FameRSE or completing the Delta EpisodeORAS. All other tickets can only be obtained from event distributions. Like Johto’s S.S.

How do you get on the S.S. Tidal in Oras?

If you tell the woman near the ship you wish to go to the Battle Resort, you will instantly travel there. However, if you tell the woman you wish to go to either Slateport or Lilycove, you will be able to explore the S.S. Tidal. You will start off in the main hall of the ship.

What does the SS ticket do?

Allows the player to board the S.S. Anne while it is present at Vermilion City. The player can board the S.S.

How do you get the ferry ticket in Pokemon Ruby?

The player must first talk to Dock on the first floor of the Shipyard, and then head to the Museum to meet Captain Stern. After the player obtains seven Gym Badges, Mr. Briney comes to Slateport City to help out with the construction of the ferry.

How do you get tickets for the S.S. Anne?

Anne tickets. These tickets can’t be obtained in Vermillion City itself. Instead, you’ll need to journey to Cerulean City to find them. After you arrive in Cerulean City, heal your Pokemon at the Poke Center, then make your way North until you encounter the Nugget Bridge.

Can I leave the S.S. Anne?

There are many items hidden in this ship and plenty of opportunities to level up your Pokémon and get cash by fighting trainers, so don’t make the mistake to rush right through to the Captain. Because once you’re there, the ship will leave and never come back.

Where does the s.s.tidal take you?

The S.S. Tidal is a sea vessel that will ferry you between Slateport City, Lilycove City, or the Battle Resort. If you tell the woman near the ship you wish to go to the Battle Resort, you will instantly travel there.

Where do you get s ticket in Pokemon Emerald?

In Pokémon Emerald, using the S.S. Ticket for the first time permits only travel between the ports of Slateport City and Lilycove City. After the first boat trip, the Battle Frontier can be reached from either port.

Where are the Pokemon stored on the tidal?

Down in the storage are several of the ship’s crewmen taking a break or training with their Pokémon. The storage contains giant cargo containers that are located around the room. Two sailors are roaming around the room, ready for a battle.

Who are the characters on the s.s.tidal?

In Epilogue, the S.S. Tidal was one of the ships seen transporting masses of people, including Gabby, Ty, the Trick Master, Brigette, Lanette, the blind boy, and Jack, to visit the Battle Frontier.