How do you get the true ending in Misao?

Oddly enough, Tohma has a grave while he didn’t die since in order to unlock Truth mode, the player has to go through the good ending by saving Tohma. Before Aki can reach Tohma’s grave, Onigawara makes an appearance and gives her a hand mirror.

What happened to Misao in Misao?

When the screen comes back, Misao is dead, with Mr. Sohta standing over her body. It is implied that he rapes her as well. Mr.

Who do you sacrifice in Misao?

To get the bad ending, the player must choose Tohma as the final sacrifice and let Mr. Sohta live. Misao will show Aki what really happened in the final hours of her death and that the teacher was the murderer who had raped and dismembered her. Aki will be killed to be kept silent and Mr.

What did Sohta do Misao?

It was revealed in the ending that Sohta actually had some time to talk to Misao, before trying to seduce her. Misao, obviously terrified, turns down Sohta’s love. In response to her rejection, Sohta lashes out and rapes her, before killing her and scattering her body parts in various places around the school.

How do you stop Hanako in Misao?

The player must then avoid Hanako while getting to the last toilet. A good strategy in avoiding her is luring her to one side then moving past her as she “dashes” towards your previous location.

Who killed Misao?

Devastated to have gotten rejected again, Sohta raped and killed Misao, mutilated her, and hid her head, heart, eyes, arms, legs, and brain around various puzzles across the school. 3 months later, Misao began to haunt the school commencing the events of the game.

How old is Misao?

Misao is a 16-year-old woman and the youngest member of the ninja group called Oniwabansh┼ź. She leaves her home to find her missing leader, Shinomori Aoshi but instead encounters Himura Kenshin during his journey to Kyoto alone.

Can I save Saotome Misao?

The player eventually finds Tohma and Saotome in the boy’s bathroom, but she is trapped and being targeted by some sort of strange monster. Instead of staying and fighting off her assailant, Tohma runs back in the opposite direction to the exit, leaving Saotome to be brutally murdered before Aki is able to save her.

Are mad father and Misao connected?

Connection to Mad Father. Multiple references in the game point to Library’s real identity being Aya Drevis from the game Mad Father. Library said that she has a father who loves to experiment, so he is always locked up in a lab, hinting that her father is actually Alfred.

Does Misao like Kenshin?

Misao becomes close friends with Kenshin, Kaoru, and Yahiko and helps them fight the agents of Shishio Makoto. This made Misao’s tears fell because after all, she still loves him. He promises her that he will bring Aoshi back home to Aoi-Ya, because he does not believed that Aoshi has lost himself completely.

Does Misao love Aoshi?

Her feelings for Aoshi rekindle once again after he returns. While his exact feelings for Misao have never been stated, he obviously cares for her and the two had been usually seen together during the Jinchuu arc.

Where do you find all of Misao’s parts?

1. Misao’s Brain 2. Misao’s Head 3. Misao’s Arms 4. Misao’s Eyeballs 5. Misao’s Legs 6. Misao’s Heart After the intro, go downstairs and ignore the room next to Student Council’s. You’ll be downstairs.

Where is Misao’s grave on the third island?

Misao as a “monster.” Tohma ‘s grave is on the third island, and is the ending grave. Oddly enough, Tohma has a grave while he didn’t die since in order to unlock Truth mode, the player has to go through the good ending by saving Tohma.

Is the Misao Definitive Edition compatible with Misao?

This item is incompatible with Misao: Definitive Edition. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Misao: Definitive Edition. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.

How does Misao end up in the boys bathroom?

Misao is locked inside the room and is doing something not understandable. Soon, Misao comes out and utters a curse (NEVER FORGIVE…). Exit out of the room and you end up in the boys’ bathroom. Yoshino is being beat up by three Misao’s as a revenge for the bathroom incident. As the player tries to stop Misao, it is seen that she is unable to stop.