How do you give good feedback to designers?

Giving useful feedback

  1. Start with a foundation of trust.
  2. Frame your feedback with context.
  3. Be clear and specific.
  4. Describe problems, don’t offer solutions.
  5. Be prepared to explain your thinking.
  6. Serve up a love sandwich.
  7. Stay objective.

How do you appreciate a good design?

Some Very Nice Compliments about our Web Design

  1. “It is really easy, and nice to navigate.
  2. “Very impressive.
  3. “you are doing a great job, and up to date with technology”
  4. “Very convenient, even if someone is not very computer literate.”
  5. “I think its great.
  6. “I enjoyed this site.

How do you comment on designs?

Adding, editing, and deleting comments on designs

  1. Create or open an existing design.
  2. Click on the page or element that you want to comment on.
  3. Click the speech bubble (Add comment icon) that appears, and type your comments.
  4. Optional: Type “@” and select a user from the list to mention them in your comment.

What do you think defines good product design?

A well designed product does not require special knowledge to find value in it. It doesn’t require any special technology to access it. Users are never excluded due to their intellect, mobility, location or health.

How do you give good product feedback?

How to give better product feedback

  1. help the product team be more empathetic for someone using their product and understand how they made someone feel.
  2. demonstrate an overlooked use case or report something not working as intended.
  3. share with the team your experience building something similar and how it ended up.

How do you appreciate a portfolio?

Show gratitude by thanking people in a way that reflects the level of what they did for you. If it was a simple favor, a sincere thank you will suffice and is always appreciated. You can thank them in-person, via email, in a call, or with a handwritten note. Say thanks freely, and say it often.

How do you comment on a website design?

10 Tips for Giving Helpful Feedback on Website Design

  1. Look at other websites. To start, look at other websites.
  2. Consider your colors.
  3. Avoid General Statements.
  4. Similarly, Use action words.
  5. Photos and Content Can Change.
  6. Another Thing about Images.
  7. Consider the Aesthetic of your Business.
  8. Making Changes Early is Easy.

How do you respond to design feedback?

How to respond to design feedback

  1. Learn to present the designs. Our job is not just to design and send it as a JPEg or PNG or upload it to Invision.
  2. Not take it personally.
  3. Understand who is providing feedback.
  4. Ask Specific Questions.
  5. Challenge yourself.
  6. Keep Calm and Let it go.

What makes a great product design?

Great product designers are practical designers. They know when to push for ideas, and when to yield. More importantly, they know that the user experience only matters if it produces business value.

How do you describe product design?

Product design is the process designers use to blend user needs with business goals to help brands make consistently successful products. Product designers work to optimize the user experience in the solutions they make for their users—and help their brands by making products sustainable for longer-term business needs.

What makes a good comment on a post?

Now we’re into the meat of what makes a good comment good. Greeting the author and paying a compliment are nice, but no one cares how good the appetizers are if the main course is a BLT sandwich with no bacon. Your goal in every comment should be to add value. If your comment doesn’t add value,…

Is it worth it to do 10% of product design?

Getting the product from nearly-done to fully complete might only be 10% of the design, but it can take 50% of your energy. But this investment of time and energy in the late game is worth it. These are the details that make the difference between an okay product and an exceptional one.

What makes a good designer for a product?

A good designer must have a sense of aesthetics. This is one of the areas where industrial designers show their value. For most consumer products, simplicity is an asset. Elegance tends to trump ostentatiousness.

Which is the best product design of the year?

The 22 Best Product Designs of the Year 1 Bang & Olufsen ‘Beolit 12’ Thi 2 Child Vision Glasses. 3 Colalife. This company in deve 4 Colour Porcelain. 5 E-Source. A sustainable cable 6 Faceture Vases. 7 Frederic Malle Travel Sprays. 8 Flyknit Trainers. 9 Liquiglide Ketchup Bottle. 10 Little Printer. 更多结果…