How do you hatch in Chrono Trigger?

Gaspar says that the egg has the potential to revive Crono. He also says that to hatch it, you have to treat it like an egg, though like an egg, it may or may not hatch. Afterward, the party travels to 2300 A.D. and talk to Belthasar. He reveals to them that Death Peak has the power to restore life.

How do you clone in Chrono Trigger?

Go to Norstein Bekkler’s lab and talk to him. If you lose the game, you’ll have to shell out big bucks for the clone. So, just keep trying, loading the saved game if you screw up. In the end, you get the Crono clone.

How do you beat lavos spawn?

Attacking the shell will result in a counter-attack, though the shell actually can be defeated. If the shell is defeated, the face of Lavos Spawn will remain in combat, which is rather amusing. Defeating the head will automatically defeat the shell….Lavos Spawn.

HP Defense Magic Defense
4000 127 50
747 120 500

What do I do after Crono dies?

Walk north to reach the summit of Death Peak. Walk over to the frozen Crono after the cut scene. Examine him to replace Crono with the doll, allowing Crono to return to the land of the living.

Where is the guru of time Chrono Trigger?

The third and last Guru, the Guru of Time, is Gaspar. He is met at the End of Time, where he takes vigil against a lamp post and greets new time-travelers. Periodically, he offers advice to Crono and his friends. At the end of the game, he provides them with the Time Egg.

How do you get death peak in Chrono Trigger?

The ascent to the top requires navigation through several snowy caves and slopes, until the Doppel Doll has been obtained and after the The Guru of Reason has sent his Poyozo Dolls to aid in scaling the mountain. Otherwise, a large gust of wind will knock the party right back down.

Where is Cronos house in Chrono Trigger?

Crono’s House is a location in Chrono Trigger. Existing in the Present, this little house in Truce is where Crono, and his mother live. The house shows a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and a Bedroom for Crono only….

Crono’s House
Notable Inhabitants Crono Crono’s Mother Cat

How do you get the cat food in Chrono Trigger?

Food for it can be obtained at the Millennial Fair by winning a mini-game in Norstein Bekkler’s Tent of Horrors after having won it the first time. As the cats eat the food, more cats appear — evidently their offspring.

What is the Mammon Machine?

The Mammon Machine is a boss in Chrono Trigger that appears in the Black Omen. When a magic attack is used, its Attack increases. When a physical attack is used, its physical defense increases. Eventually you will have to resort to magic attacks because its physical defense will be too high.

What is lavos Chrono Trigger?

Lavos is the main villain in the game Chrono Trigger. It is a huge alien entity, hiding inside a monstrous Shell. According to the game, Lavos means Big Fire, as when Lavos first appeared in the sky, it looked like a red star. In 12,000 BC, the kingdom of Zeal tapped into Lavos’s power with the Mammon Machine.

Who is the old man at the end of time Chrono Trigger?

Gaspar (ハッシュ, Hasshu?), also known as the Guru of Time, is a character that appears in Chrono Trigger. When Crono and team meet him at the End of Time, he is known as the Old Man.

What do you use the Chrono Trigger for?

The Chrono Trigger is a Time Egg, and is used to save Crono from the Ocean Palace Incident.

When do you use the egg in Chrono Cross?

Time to use the egg. Then Marle’s Pendant starts reacting as sparks came out of it. Then the egg started flying, but then shattered. The players thought they failed, but an eclipse started, and then the players go back to the time Lavos killed Crono, except everything is frozen.

Where is Crono’s mom in Chrono Trigger?

Go to Crono’s bedroom, and you’ll see his mom making his bed. She notices the players asking how Crono is doing, one player says in an upsetting way, “He’s fine”. So they ask for the doll, and she gives them permission to take it, then before the players leave, she tells them to stay out of trouble.

Who are the players in the time egg?

The Time Egg is the twenty-fifth chapter in Chrono Trigger. Back at the End of Time, the players (Marle, Lucca, Frog, Robo, Ayla, and/or Magus) decide that they want to bring Crono back to life, since Lavos killed him.