How do you hide balloons in Solidworks?

Hide the Balloon Layer To access the layer options, click the Layer Properties button on the Layer or Line Format toolbar. The On/Off button looks like an eye. Simply click the On/Off button to toggle the display of the layer on or off.

How do you align balloons in Solidworks?

To align the stacked balloons:

  1. Select the balloons to align.
  2. In the Stacked Balloon PropertyManager, click More Properties.
  3. In the Note PropertyManager, under Text Format, click one of the following: Left Align. Center Align. Right Align.
  4. Click .

How to Reattach dangling dimensions in solidworks?

To reattach a dangling center mark:

  1. Right-click the dangling center mark and click Reattach.
  2. In the same drawing view, select the hole edge, fillet, or slot whose center mark you want to reattach to the center mark set. The center mark reattaches to the new selection and the connection lines update.

How do I manually change balloon numbers in Solidworks?

Right-click the balloon and select Properties. Make changes in the Note PropertyManager and click OK. To edit balloon text: Double-click the balloon text and edit in place.

Where is Balloon property manager in Solidworks?

To display the Balloon PropertyManager, do one of the following: Click Balloon (Annotation toolbar), or click Insert > Annotations > Balloon. Select an existing balloon. Right-click a balloon and select Properties.

What is magnetic line in Solidworks?

Magnetic lines are a convenient way to align balloons along a line at any angle. You attach balloons to magnetic lines, choose to space the balloons equally or not, and move the lines freely, at any angle, in the drawing. You can have multiple magnetic lines in a drawing view.

What is a dangling dimension?

Checks for dimensions or annotations that no longer have a reference.

How do I get rid of dangling dimensions?

Delete all dangling annotations with one click Click the Delete dangling annotations button to delete all dangling annotations on the current sheet. Click the Delete all dangling annotations button to delete old annotations on all sheets.

How do you change balloon text in Solidworks?

To edit balloon text, do one of the following:

  1. Double-click the balloon text and edit in place.
  2. Select the balloon and edit the text in the PropertyManager.
  3. Right-click the balloon and click Properties.

Where is balloon property manager in Solidworks?

How to set the size of a balloon?

Select a size from the list (a specified number of characters), Tight fit (which adjusts automatically to the text), or User Defined (where you can set the balloon size below). Select the type of text for the balloon.

Why are my balloons showing zero in SolidWorks?

When included a folder again, existing and new balloons kept showing zero. This is caused by configurations. SOLIDWORKS adds an child configuration by default, but you can turn this off in the Weldments tab in the document settings. To turn this off for all new parts, change the setting and create a new part document template.

When do you change the Order of balloons in Excel?

The table is on the first sheet. When you change the order of the table, the item number changes but the balloon text stays the same. The balloon number will only be in sync when you actively link the view (right-click view > Properties) and enable Link balloon text to specified table.

What do you do when there are no balloons?

The magnetic lines get hidden automatically when you’re not working with balloons. So if you can’t find them, just click a balloon and all magnetic lines will be visible again. When there are no balloons left but there are magnetic lines, just add a balloon to make the lines visible again. 6. AutoBalloon