How do you install SharkBite piping?

How To Install SharkBite Brass Push-To-Connect Fittings

  1. Identify the pipe material. To get started, identify the pipe material.
  2. Cut pipe cleanly & squarely. Be sure the pipe is free of scratches or debris and cut the pipe as cleanly and squarely as possible.
  3. Measure & mark the insertion depth.
  4. Make the connection.

How far do you insert SharkBite fittings?

SharkBite push-to-connect pipe insertion depth and pipe size compatibility.

SharkBite Fitting Size Nominal Pipe Size Pipe Insertion Depth (IN)
3/8 in. 3/8 in. CTS 0.94
1/2 in. 1/2 in. CTS 0.95
5/8 in. 5/8 in. CTS 1.13
1 in. 1 in. CTS 1.31

Is SharkBite easy to install?

SharkBite valves feature push-to-connect ends that make them quick and easy to install. To make your connection, cut the pipe as cleanly and squarely as possible. Ensure the pipe is free of scratches and debris. Using SharkBite is Fast, Efficient, and Reliable.

Do you need to clean copper pipe for SharkBite?

SharkBite disconnect tongs or SharkBite disconnect clips must be used when removing the fittings. The initial pipe and the new pipe must be clean and free from scratches and burrs.

How do you stop a SharkBite from leaking?

SharkBite fittings are designed to create a leak-proof seal. When a SharkBite fitting does leak, the first thing you’ll want to do is see if the pipe is connected to the fitting correctly. By disconnecting and reconnecting the pipe, you may fix the problem.

Are shark bites reliable?

Fact: Contractors who use SharkBite find it to be a dependable and safe solution in concealed spaces, including behind the wall and underground. For example, Clint McCannon, owner of Cannon Plumbing, used SharkBite PEX and EvoPEX to repipe an entire home, with no concern about failed fittings or leaks.

How do you install shark bite?

To install a SharkBite fitting, center it over the opening of a pipe and press down. The pipe slides into the fitting about 1/2 inch and then stop. The plastic teeth grip the pipe in place and the O-ring forms a watertight seal.

Is Sharkbite plumbing reliable?

SharkBite’s end-to-end solution provides a reliable, single-source plumbing system that enables installers to plumb an entire potable water pipe installation from meter to fixture without needing special tools, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of potential leaks from installation errors.

How long does Sharkbite last?

Those fittings are rated for cold water usage only. Sharkbite fittings are like any other press lock fittings that employed o-rings and water pressure to seal. However, if I recall correctly o-ring have life expectancy of 15 years or more pending the material used. (25) years from the date of manufacture.

How does Sharkbite fittings work?

How SharkBite Fittings Work Very simply, SharkBite fittings work by pushing teeth onto pipes that then seal a rubber gasket around the connection. This creates a water tight seal and a connection that is difficult to pull off without the use of a special tool.