How do you see all your tags on Tumblr?

*Note: This only works on computers.

  1. Step 1: Click on the human on the top right of your dashboard, then go to settings.
  2. Step 2: Go to the right hand side of your screen, and click on “Labs”
  3. Step 3: Enable Tumblr Labs.
  4. Step 4: Scroll down, and enable “Tag Crawler”
  5. Congrats, you’ve enabled the tag crawler!

How do I make my tags visible on Tumblr theme?

1 Answer

  1. Go to the Customize section after you log in.
  2. Click on the Theme tab.
  3. Click Use custom HTML.

How do I add a tag cloud on Tumblr?

Generate a Tag Cloud

  1. Navigate to a tag cloud generator’s website, such as Post Theory, or Tagumblr (links in Resources).
  2. Enter your Tumblr blog’s URL, or its title, into the respective field.
  3. Follow the instructions to customize any additional layout options for your tag cloud.

How do I create a cloud tag?

How to create a tag cloud in 4 simple steps:

  1. Upload your data to the tag cloud tool. Type, paste, or upload the text data you want to use to create your tag cloud.
  2. Generate your tag cloud. Click on the ‘Generate Cloud’ button to visualize your results.
  3. Customize your tag cloud.
  4. Download your tag cloud.

Can you search Tumblr tags?

The tag links in dashboard mode go to By going to your actual blog page—“”—the tags clicked will pull up results within your blog, going directly to the URL “”.

How do I manage tags on Tumblr?

Tumblr also allows you to edit these items, removing tags on single posts or on multiple posts.

  1. Log in to Tumblr and click “Posts” on the right to view a list of your posts.
  2. Click the “Edit” button (it resembles a piece of paper and a pen) to start editing the post.
  3. Click the tag you want to remove.

Why are Tumblr tags not working?

If your posts aren’t appearing on Tumblr-wide tag pages, it might be because your blog is pretty new and we need to make sure you’re not a robot or a spammer. Make sure you’ve verified your account via the email we sent when you joined Tumblr.

How do I hide HTML tags on Tumblr?

Tag filtering

  1. Go to your account settings (click the little human at the top of the screen, then “Settings”).
  2. Scroll down to “Filtering” and click the little pencil icon on the right.
  3. Add or remove tags to your heart’s content.

What tags to use on Tumblr?

10 Popular Tumblr Tags to Browse

  • #LOL: Where All the Funny Stuff Lives.
  • #Fashion: For the Latest in Both Men’s and Women’s Clothing.
  • #Art: Discover Everything Creative.
  • #DIY: Find Out How to Do Something Yourself.
  • #Food: Enjoy Delicious Looking Food and Great Recipes.
  • #Landscape: For Nature Lovers and Adventurers.

What is tag cloud with example?

A tag cloud (word cloud or wordle or weighted list in visual design) is a novelty visual representation of text data, typically used to depict keyword metadata (tags) on websites, or to visualize free form text. Tags are usually single words, and the importance of each tag is shown with font size or color.

What is the other term for tag cloud?

A tag cloud is also known as word cloud or weighted list.

Is there a tag cloud generator for Tumblr?

What is this? This is a tag cloud generator for Tumblr . It uses the Tumblr API to generate a tag cloud each time your site is accessed. How do I add it to a theme?

How to create a list of tags on Tumblr?

Separate these by “,” (without the quotation marks). Behaviour with tags including < and > may be wonky. If you set a high post limit (or none at all), generating the list for the first time can take a while.

How to write custom CSS for a tag cloud?

You can write custom CSS for your tag cloud. Choose “none” for the CSS option above, then write styles for div.tag_cloud and ul.tag_list and include them with your theme’s CSS. Why isn’t it loading?