How do you unlock the Cave of Ordeals in Disgaea 2?

Cave of Ordeals Unlocked after gaining 700 mana, and passing a bill at the Dark Assembly.

How do you unlock classes in Disgaea?

Unlockable Classes

  1. Angel – Female Cleric, Knight and Archer all at level 100 or higher.
  2. Archer – Level 3 or higher in Bow Weapon Mastery.
  3. EDF Soldier – Level 30 or higher Gun Weapon Mastery.
  4. Galaxy Mage – Level a Prism Mage to Level 50.
  5. Galaxy Skull – Level a Prism Skull to Level 50.

How do you unlock Mao in Disgaea 2?

Mao appears in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days as a playable character. To get him, you must pass a bill in the Dark Assembly and beat him. His bill is unlocked by unlocking both Mr. Champloo and Raspberyl, as well as having access to the Land of Carnage.

How do you get Asagi in Disgaea 2?

1 Answer. A law will appear, pass it, do the map, you ll get Asagi in monster form. Once Asagi lvl1000 you ll have another law to make her human.

How do you unlock Majin in Disgaea?

In Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, the Majin is unlocked by having a Male Warrior, Martial Artist, Ninja, Thief, and Strider all at level 200. The Majin is able to master all weapons and has some of the highest aptitudes and stat gains in the game, making them powerful units.

How do you unlock classes in Disgaea PC?

To unlock the next tier of a human class, you will need a party member that has that class – of any tier – at level 5 for the second tier, 12 for the third tier, 25 for the fourth tier, 50 for the fifth tier, and 100 for the sixth tier. (Some classes has lower or higher numbers for these).

Why is laharl a girl?

Laharl also becomes a woman for a short while due to the wide-spread outbreak of Yuie Flowers in the Netherworld as demons get side-effects from being exposed to the Celestian plant. In this form, he retains his pants, gloves and scarf and adds in a top to cover his big chest.

Is Disgaea 3 coming to PC?

As the trailer above reveals, it’s coming this fall (spring in Australia) and will release on both Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Disgaea 3 is the only main game in the series still trapped on ye olde Sony consoles, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes to PC some time next year.

Who is Asagi?

Asagi Asagiri is a recurring minor character. She was rumored to be the new main character of an upcoming game titled Makai Wars, but the title had been indefinitely postponed; since then, she has become an unofficial mascot of Nippon Ichi, making cameo appearances in a number of games afterwards.

How do you unlock Asagi in Disgaea 5?

You unlock her by clearing the Double Illusion stage in the postgame. You need to pass a bill in the Assembly to unlock it.

How do you unlock Dark Knight in Disgaea 5?

To unlock the Dark Knight, you will need a Rank 2 Wrestler, a Rank 2 Lady Samurai, and a Rank 2 Ninja. The Dark Knight is supposed to be the ultimate melee class in the game, which is evident by its high all-around stats and aptitudes, except for SP, INT and RES.

How do you unlock new classes in Disgaea 4?

Monster classes are unlocked by defeating a unit of that class in combat. Class pages will list the first time they appear in a story map, but it’s always possible to find them before through use of the Item World.