How do you use euphrasia mother tincture?

Dose: 15 drops of Euphrasia mother tincture in half a cup of normal water twice each day for 3 months unless otherwise prescribed by the physician. Can be taken along with allopathic medicines. Maintain half an hour gap between food/drink/any other medicines and homeopathic medicine.

What is euphrasia used for in homeopathy?

Euphrasia (Eyebright), Euphrasia Officinali, is a popular remedy for eye irritations and disorders, such as conjunctivitis. Eyebright can be used to treat poor vision, eye strain, eye infections, sensitivity to light, and eye ulcers.

What is mother tincture used for?

Ricinus communis Mother tincture (RCMT) is used to relieve the symptoms of vertigo, burning sensation in stomach, diarrhoea and in inflamed anus. Likewise the mother tincture of Bellis perennis (BPMT) is used for joint soreness, muscle soreness, soreness of abdominal wall and uterus, and in diarrhoea.

What are the side effects of mother tincture?

Belladonna Tincture can cause serious side effects in babies or young children, including constipation, breathing problems, agitation, and seizures. You should not use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What is homeopathic Allium Cepa?

SBL Allium Cepa Dilution is a powerful homeopathy medicine, known for its anti-inflammatory properties and useful in symptoms in the nasal tract, stomach, ears, and urinary tract.

Is Eyebright safe for dogs?

Eyebright should be used cautiously in pregnant or nursing pets, or in pets that have had eye surgery or have diabetes. Some formulations of eyebright can be toxic if applied directly in the eye, so always check with your veterinarian before using this supplement in the eye.

What is gelsemium used for?

Gelsemium is used as a painkiller for migraine headaches and for face pain (trigeminal neuralgia) caused by certain facial nerves. It is also used for asthma and other breathing problems.

What is Sulphur 30c used for?

SBL Sulphur Dilution is a homeopathy medicine. It is made from sulphur springs which are well suitable for skin ailments such as pain, redness, burning, and inflammation. It is from mineral kingdom. It is also beneficial in treatment of stomach disorders like acidity and gastric issues.

What is Q potency?

This paper deals with the so-called “mysterious” Q-potencies, the dilution of a substance according to particular augmentation methods, dating back to Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy. Hahnemann’s method consists of a step by step dilution of substances.

How do you use mother tincture on hair?

Mix two drops of Arnica mother tincture with a half cup of coconut oil and massage to the scalp. This mixture not only reduces the hair fall effectively but also promotes hair growth to some extent.

Is it safe to take mother tincture?

The major findings of study suggest that these mother tinctures are safe at a dose of 4 ml/kg as no significant changes were observed on biochemical, haematological and histological parameters even for long term administration (28 days toxicity study).

Can mother tincture be applied on skin?

Acne- For the treatment of acne, mother tinctures including chrysarobinum or Echinacea as the base are used and applied topically. They help soothe irritated skin and prevent acne formation.