How do you use testily in a sentence?

Testily sentence example “I’ve got my mind made up,” Josh responded testily . “Tell him whose cookies you’ll make first, sis,” Jonny said testily . “I heard you,” she answered testily .

How do you use transformative in a sentence?

Transformative sentence example Many men who take the plunge and order a bespoke suit for their wedding or another significant event discover that the effect is so transformative , they don’t want to wear anything off the rack again.

What does testily mean?

1 : easily annoyed : irritable. 2 : marked by impatience or ill humor testy remarks.

How do you use Touchwood in a sentence?

touch wood in a sentence

  1. I’m fairly vigorous and _ touch wood _ in fairly good shape.
  2. We must touch wood, but it appears there will be no airstrikes.
  3. “Touch wood _ he is in very good health, ” she said.
  4. Touch wood hopefully it is not as bad as it looked.
  5. “I have had a comfortable time, touch wood, ” said Shriver.

Is it transformative or transformational?

Exercising that capacity in synonymy: Transformational means “relating to a major change,” while transformative is “having the power to transform.” The poet Adrienne Rich caught that power with “as long as our language is inadequate, our vision remains formless.

What do you mean by transformative?

: causing or able to cause an important and lasting change in someone or something a transformative experience And she’ll tell anyone who asks about her transformative weeks working for UNICEF in Congo and Cambodia.—

Is tastily a word?

Having a pleasing flavor; savory. tast′i·ly adv.

Why do people say Touchwood?

It derives from the pagan belief that malevolent spirits inhabited wood, and that if you expressed a hope for the future you should touch, or knock on, wood to prevent the spirits from hearing and presumably preventing your hopes from coming true.

Where can I use Touchwood?

This expression is said in order to avoid bad luck, either when you mention good luck that you have had in the past or when you mention hopes you have for the future. The expression is usually used in the hope that a good thing will continue to occur after it has been acknowledged.

What is transformative and transformational?

As adjectives the difference between transformative and transformational. is that transformative is that causes transformation while transformational is of, pertaining to or leading to transformation.

What does transformative change mean?

Transformative change means doing things differently—not just a little more or less of something we’re already doing. Of course, we should keep up many of the good things we’re doing—recycling, composting, cycle-commuting, taking public transit, etc.