How do you use tout in French?

There are different ways to use tout in French – as a pronoun, an adjective or an adverb – to express slightly different things:

  1. Tout = everything.
  2. Tout/tous/toute/toutes + [article] + [chose(s)]= All + [article] + [things] / [article] whole [thing(s)]
  3. Tous / toutes = all [of them]
  4. Tout + [adverbe] = Very + [adverb]

What are the forms of tout in French?

Tout, toute, tous, toutes

singular plural
masculine tout tous
feminine toute toutes

What is the opposite of tout in French?

RIEN or RIEN NE (nothing or anything). The opposite is quelque chose (something) or tout (everything). « Non, rien de rien, non, je ne regrette rien.

How do you use tout in a sentence?

Examples of tout in a Sentence Verb The company is running advertisements touting the drug’s effectiveness. The company’s stock is being touted by many financial advisers. People were touting tickets outside the stadium. People were touting outside the stadium.

What is meme in French?

[meme ] feminine noun (informal) 1. (= grand-parent) granny.

What are the different forms of Tout?

As a pronoun, tout means all, everything, or everyone. It only has 3 different forms: tout, tous, and toutes.

Is Tout le monde nous or ILS?

The expression tout le monde is used in French to refer to everyone/everybody. This expression is always singular. ATTENTION: It is never used to say the whole world, which would be le monde entier.

What is another word for Tout?

What is another word for tout?

promote advertise
inform notify
apprise recommend
disclose praise
communicate circularizeUS

What is no one in French?

personne = No one, nobody (negation)

What does “Toujours” in French mean?

Toujours. The French adverb toujours has several meanings. It may mean always, anyway, anyhow, at least, or still. Always. The adverb always is often translated into French using toujours.

What does the French word ‘tout’ mean?

The French word tout, which has many meanings including “all,” “any,” “every,” “entire,” and “most important,” is one of the most common words in the French language. It has four possible forms: Tout is also one of the most flexible French words, as it can be an adjective, adverb, noun, or pronoun.

What are some common French words?

100 Most Common List of French Words. 1. le (det.) the; (pron.) him, her, it, them. 2. de (det.) some, any; (prep.) of, from. 3. un (det.) a, an; (adj., pron.) one. 4. à (prep.) to, at, in. 5. être (verb) to be; (noun [m.]) being. 6. et (conj.) and.