How do you wish a guy bestie happy birthday?

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Male

  1. A best friend like me is a gift in itself.
  2. You’re lucky that you have a friend like me.
  3. You are a true friend, the best companion.
  4. You must be crazy to be my friend, buddy.
  5. Wishing you joy and all the good stuff, friend.
  6. You’re anything but ordinary, my friend.
  7. I am a true friend, buddy.

How do you wish someone happy birthday by text?

‘Happy Birthday’ Message Ideas for a Text Message

  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Remember, even if you have to get older, you never have to grow up!
  3. Happy YOU day!
  4. I hope you’ve had a great year, and I wish you many more.
  5. Remember to live in the moment on this special day.
  6. It’s your birthday!
  7. I’m thinking of you on your birthday!

What do you say to your guy friend on his birthday?

Happy Birthday to a wonderful man! As you celebrate another year, I hope you look back on your life with a sense of pride. I know your friends and family are proud of you – and rightly so.

How do you wish your best friend’s heart touching your birthday?

Dear, bestie, may you have all the love, joy, and happiness that your heart can hold. I wish that your life be filled up with immense moments of joy. Happy birthday, my best friend! When we were kids, I never dreamed of we would grow up together and that I’d get to experience so much with you.

What are some funny birthday wishes for men?

TOP FUNNY BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR MEN “Happy birthday! “On your birthday, remember this: age is only a number that represents how attractive, happy and able-bodied you are. “Wishes may come and go, but age always sticks with you. “I believe you forgot my birthday present last year. “Happy summer birthday! “Happy birthday!

How to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a male friend?

Happy Birthday, you party animal you. Happy Birthday, Silver Fox! Another year of being an all-around awesome guy. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to a friendly man and a manly friend! Hope you have a man-tastic birthday! Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother! Here are some longer birthday messages to send to a special male friend.

What should I wish my best friend for her birthday?

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female and Male. I wish you a happy day, and that you enjoy your age, that you have been serving the same years for several years. Happy Birthday! Unless you’re a bottle of wine or a slice of good cheese, age doesn’t matter! Happy Birthday! I wish you success and congratulations.

What kind of Guy wants to be recognized on his birthday?

There are many types of guys: macho guys, hipster guys, smart guys, nice guys, funny guys, and of course, hot guys. But no matter what type of guy we’re talking about, it’s safe to say he likes being recognized on his birthday.