How do you wish good night to someone special?

Good Night Quotes

  1. Your sweetheart is missing you more than ever, and ever, Have a lovely night.
  2. My sleepless night’s reason is only you.
  3. On this night as I lie down on my bed, I just can’t stop thinking about u my LOVE.
  4. Wishing you the sweetest night to the sweetest person.

What is another word for good night?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for good-night, like: nighty-night, bon nuit, buenas noches (Spanish), gute Nacht (German), Ã demain (both French), good-morning, cup-of-tea, nightcap, goodbye, cheerio and good-time.

How the British say good night?

Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal….Useful phrases in British English.

Phrase British English
Good night Good night Night night (inf) Sweet dreams Good night, sleep tight Good night, sleep tight, hope the bedbugs don’t bite

How do you text a goodnight flirty?

If you want them to know how much you love them…

  1. “I hate saying goodnight to you.”
  2. “I love that you’re my last thought before I go to bed.”
  3. “I’m obsessed with being your last thought before you go to bed.”
  4. “I don’t want to sleep because I know my dreams can’t compare to you in my reality.”
  5. “I love you. Goodnight.”

How do you say I hope you have a good night?

Many involve wishing the other person a night of peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams:

  1. Good night.
  2. Sleep well.
  3. Have a good night’s sleep.
  4. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep.
  5. I hope you sleep well.
  6. See you in the morning.
  7. Sweet dreams.
  8. Sleep tight!

How do you text good night messages?

How do you say goodnight to a special friend?

Heart Touching Good Night Messages For Friends Good night! Almost all I would like is to wish you is a good night as my friend, you will be the very last thought on my thoughts before I fall asleep! Good night, sleep tight, may our friendship fill your life with light! Sweet dreams, dear friend!