How far is Casablanca from the beach?

The beach is located 100 km away from the city of Casablanca and environment of the beach is the main reason for its becoming famous destination. The beach has beautiful golden sands and is located between two cities, therefore, it is the place of attraction for a large number of surfers and walkers.

Are there beaches in Casablanca Morocco?

Casablanca is a city with an Atlantic soul and the ocean is part of its landscape. The best beaches are to the south of Casablanca. Due to the strong currents, they aren’t safe for swimming. However, in low tide there’s ample sand for long walks and playing sports.

Where should I stay in Casablanca?

The best place to stay in Casablanca is along the streets near the old medina, the name for the ancient city’s walled heart. This area makes an excellent base.

How much is the train from Marrakech to Casablanca?

Moroccan Railways (ONCF) operates a train from Marrakech to Casablanca every 4 hours. Tickets cost MAD 80 – MAD 150 and the journey takes 2h 40m.

What do you wear on a beach in Morocco?

That is to say, avoid skimpy tops and short skirts. Short trousers and t-shirts are fine, but avoid bearing your shoulders and showing too much cleavage. On the beach, away from larger cities, you may feel a bit self-conscious in a bikini. You may feel a bit less exposed if you wear swimming shorts and a tankini top.

Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?

Yes, you can drink alcohol in Morocco without offending local sensibilities, as long as you do it discreetly.

Does Morocco have good beaches?

Morocco’s coastline runs along both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, meaning it has a huge array of beaches that are just begging to be visited. If spending your holiday sleepily lazing in the sun on golden sand sounds like your thing, the beautiful bays and picturesque lagoons in Morocco will be ideal for you.

How do I get from Casablanca to Marrakech?

The best way to get from Casablanca to Marrakesh is to train which takes 2h 39m and costs MAD 80 – MAD 150. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs MAD 80 – MAD 130 and takes 4h, you could also fly, which costs MAD 800 – MAD 1,100 and takes 2h 38m.

Can you do a day trip from Marrakech to Casablanca?

Private Casablanca day tour from Marrakech Casablanca is a port city located 240 Km north of Marrakech. Take advantage of this full day trip from Marrakech to Casablanca and get a glimpse of the French colonial legacy, which is clearly visible at Casablanca’s Moorish and art deco styles blending in unique harmony.

Can I wear a bathing suit in Morocco?

The good news is, most anything is fine. You don’t want to wander around town in a bikini top and yes, the more revealing your swimsuit is, the more looks you’re going to get. But, you’re likely to see women wearing everything from full clothing to a bikini into the ocean.