How fast is a 2007 Audi RS4?


Engine V8, 4163cc, 32v
Max power 414bhp @ 7800rpm
Max torque 317lb ft @ 5500rpm
0-60 4.9sec (claimed)
Top speed 155mph (limited)

How good is the Audi RS4 B7?

The RS4 is the best-riding fast Audi ever. Even when it does encounter larger potholes, they are firmly damped rather than smashed over. Amazing. And my slow, easy jaunts (still fast by most standards, note) gave time to appreciate Dynamic Ride Control too.

What is an RS4 B7?

The B7 RS 4 is an almost complete departure from previous Audi “RS” cars, as it was initially available as a four-door five-seat saloon/sedan; with a five-door five-seat Avant (estate/wagon), and two-door four-seat Cabriolet (convertible) versions arriving later.

Do Audi still make the RS4?

This B9 iteration of the mighty RS4 has succumbed – in its under-bonnet lair is a 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V6 – the same unit fitted to its slinkier RS5 cousins. It continued with the refettled versions introduced in 2020, although the gearbox was also refined to improve driveability – more on that later.

How much does an Audi RS 4 cost?

It’s a lot, but it’s almost the same number of euros required for the RS 4 in Europe, which at the current exchange would cost an American $83,857. Of course, some changes have been made to the car coming to our shores.

What kind of tires does Audi RS 4 use?

Roadgoing RS 4s wear either Michelin Pilot Sport or Pirelli P Zero Rosso tires as original equipment, and the Pirellis held up exceptionally well during various exuberant adventures in the mountains. On the track, however, they’d have been toast way sooner than the DOT race rubber.

What’s the peak torque of an Audi RS 4?

The engine pulls smoothly from idle, with abundant thrust available from 2300 rpm. In fact, 90 percent of the car’s peak torque is available between 2250 and 7600 rpm. Highs: Seamless torque, high redline, brilliant exhaust note, serious speed.