How long does an IEW lesson take?

IEW Online classes integrate our video and printed materials with a live session with a teacher once per week. In general, an average day of work will last about 30–45 minutes.

How much does IEW cost?

We feel so strongly about the value of the Premium Membership that we keep the renewal price comfortably low at just $39 a year.

What is IEW education?

Institute for Excellence in Writing.

Is IEW a good writing program?

IEW provides well-designed programs that help students become proficient writers. Best of all, they are taught by people who understand and love the craft of writing. I recommend their work. Shari Elizabeth recommends Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).

Is IEW hard to teach?

IEW is not difficult to use or teach, in fact, it’s easier and clearer than most of what’s out there. The “thought” of it is what can be overwhelming, but the program itself is not complicated. Once you get it, begin using it and learn how to teach writing using IEW – you’ll wish you started sooner.

How does IEW writing work?

IEW’s unique approach provides the structure that teachers need to move students from imitation to innovation in all types of writing. As students work through the writing process, they use collaboration activities to learn group listening and speaking skills as well as public speaking skills. …

What age do you start IEW?

You will generally begin the Primary Arts of Language program when your student is around age 5 or 6, but it may be used with reading-ready 3 and 4 year olds, as well as older students who need some remedial help.

Is IEW faith based?

Some of IEW’s theme-based materials do include faith-based content, which makes them popular in some faith-based private schools but inappropriate for public or public charter schools.

Are there any online writing classes for homeschoolers?

I often see writing classes for homeschoolers that impress me. Here are some of the best I’ve come across: IEW is known for their robust writing curriculum. Many homeschooling families have used their textbooks and home videos to teach writing, grammar, structure, and style.

Which is the best Iew program for your student?

We started out with the Group A Student Writing Intensive, and this past year we moved on to the Group A Continuation Student Writing Intensive program. IEW does offer several different courses depending on the ages and needs of your students, so you’ll want to check out the IEW Website to decide which program is best for your student.

What are the results of the Iew writing course?

Displaying 1 – 10 of 63 results. This powerful and inspiring seminar will transform the way you teach writing to children (and perhaps your own writing as well)! You’ll learn how to incrementally teach students to write with clear structure and compelling style.

Which is the best grammar course in Iew?

Grammar bring a successful solution to your writing and grammar lessons—guaranteed! This is our best recommendation of where to start for teachers and parents of Level A students new to IEW. Join Andrew Pudewa as he leads students on a 24-week writing journey using IEW’s Structure and Style approach.