How long does it take to hike Triberg waterfall?

We decided to embark on the formidable task of visiting the Triberg Waterfall on a day trip. While four to five hours each way doesn’t seem quite as daunting as I made it sound, imagine doing that with a restless dog.

What is tallest waterfall in Germany?

With a descent of 163 m, it is one of the highest waterfalls in Germany and a landmark in the Black Forest region….Triberg Waterfalls.

Triberger Wasserfälle
Location Black Forest, Germany
Total height 163 m
Number of drops 7

Is Triberg waterfall open?

The waterfalls can be visited daily in the winter and provide for all weather, sun, rain, snow or ice, an impressive backdrop. In addition, the falls are open daily from dusk lit. In the period from 25. to 30. of december are the waterfalls only to visit as part of the special event “Triberger Weihnachtszauber”.

How tall is the Triberg Waterfall?

163 meters
Boasting a total height of 163 meters (534 feet), the Triberg falls are a landmark in the Black Forest region where the Gutach river plunges over seven major steps passing from a gentle, undulated high plain above into a rocky V-shaped valley below.

Is triberg worth visiting?

Triberg — Waterfalls and Cuckoo Clocks Galore But for all the tourist kitsch, Triberg is worth the visit. It is simply a beautiful place, and its unique attractions are must-sees. On top of that, getting to Triberg is a pleasant experience as well, as the drive from the Autobahn goes through numerous scenic valleys.

Where is the Black Forest in Germany map?

listen)) is a large forested mountain range in south-west Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg, bounded by the Rhine valley to the west and south….

Black Forest
Map of Germany with the Black Forest (outlined in green)
Country Germany
State Baden-Württemberg
Parent range Southwest German Uplands/Scarplands

Where is Somerhalder waterfall?

Somerhalder Waterfall It is located in regions Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Thüringen southeast of Hannover. In this area, the most popular and the highest waterfall is Somerhalder Waterfall that stands tall at the height of 64 meters.

What state is Triberg in Germany in?


How many waterfalls are in Austria?

Austria boasts more than 700 waterfalls, some of them among the highest in Europe.

Does Germany have waterfalls?

Deutschlands höchste Wasserfälle or Triberger Wasserfälle is the highest waterfall in Germany. The Burgbach Waterfall which is located close to Triberger Waterfall is more photogenic but still not among the most famous ones. The Burgbach waterfall majestically falls from the height of 32 meters in a dark forest.

How big is the waterfall at the Gutach river?

Triberger Waterfall. At the cascades of the Gutach River, water tumbles nearly 600 feet over seven naturally created steps, resulting in a marvelous site for visitors.

How tall is the Triberg Waterfall in Germany?

With a descent of 163 m, it is one of the highest waterfalls in Germany and a landmark in the Black Forest region. Above Triberg, in the midst of Black Forest, the Gutach river plunges over seven major steps from a gently undulated high plain into a rocky V-shaped valley.

How tall is the highest waterfall in Germany?

The Triberg Waterfalls were said to be Germany’s highest waterfalls where the Gutach tumbles 163m in cumulative height over a series of several waterfalls.

Where are the waterfalls in the Black Forest?

Furthermore, we also spent some time checking out the House of 1000 Clocks where there were some huge cuckoo clocks on display (an apparent Black Forest institution). The Triberg Waterfalls reside in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in the town of Triberg in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. It may be administered by the Triberg government.