How long does Samsung M31s battery last?

Battery support on Galaxy M31s is something to flaunt as it is powered by a 6,000 mAh battery which can keep you using your phone for almost two days on regular usage.

How long does a Samsung 5 battery last?

Samsung states that the S5 can last up to 24 hours even when down to just 10% battery or less.

How long does the a71 battery last?

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Specs

Operating System Android 10
Screen Size 6.7 inches
Screen Resolution 2,400 by 1,080
Camera Resolution (Rear; Front-Facing) 64MP, 12MP, 5M, 5MP; 32MP
Battery Life (As Tested) 10 hours, 33 minutes

How much does M31s battery last?

Samsung’s Galaxy M31 packs a gigantic 6,000mAh battery, which is 900mAh bigger than the Lenovo P2’s. And we won’t keep you in suspense: this larger battery meant the Galaxy lasted for 30hrs 20mins in our video-rundown test, beating the P2 by 90 minutes.

How long does the M31 battery last?

about two days
Battery life & Software The Galaxy M31 comes with a massive 6,000mAh battery, which lasts for about two days if you are not into gaming and long hours of surfing.

Why is my Samsung Galaxy 5 battery draining so fast?

If you still feel like your phone is dying too fast after replacing the battery and taming any wakelocks, the only culprit left is Samsung’s proprietary Android skin, TouchWiz. This is the base operating system installed on Galaxy devices, and it’s infamous for being bloated, slow, and unfriendly towards batteries.

How do I make my A71 battery last longer?

11 tips to extend and improve your Samsung Galaxy battery life

  1. Reduce display brightness level.
  2. Close, disable or uninstall unused Apps.
  3. Turn off Always On Display (AOD) or set schedule.
  4. Toogle off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use.
  5. Turn on Power saving mode.
  6. Download the latest device software.

Is Samsung A71 worth buying in 2020?

The Galaxy A71 is a great phone in 2020, and an ideal way to get started with 5G. You’re getting a vibrant screen, great new design, reliable cameras, and excellent battery life with both phones. The Galaxy A51 is the better deal if you’re looking for value, but if you want 5G connectivity, get the Galaxy A71.

Is M31 fast charging?

When it comes to charging, the Galaxy M31 is in no hurry. The phone ships with a 15W charger, which supports Samsung’s Fast Charge standard, although the phone can also fast charge from Qualcomm Quick Charge or USB Power Delivery chargers. 30 minutes of charging gives you about 21% of charge from 0%.