How many Afghan interpreters were there?

More than 18,000 Afghans who have worked as interpreters, drivers, engineers, security guards, fixers and embassy clerks for the United States during the war have been trapped in bureaucratic limbo after applying for special immigrant visas, available to people who face threats because of work for the U.S. government.

How many Afghan interpreters have been killed?

300 Afghan interpreters
Since 2014, at least 300 Afghan interpreters or their relatives have been killed. Now, as the Taliban have taken over the country, many of these Afghans fear being left behind.

What happened to the Afghan interpreters?

Since 2008, some 70,000 Afghans – interpreters and their families – have moved to the US under a special immigrant visa awarded for their service. An estimated 300 interpreters have died since 2009 while seeking a US visa – a process that can take years, even under newer refugee schemes.

What does SIB stand for in Afghanistan?

SIV stands for Special Immigrant Visa. While there are many categories of SIVs, this webpage discusses only SIVs for eligible Iraqi and Afghan translators and interpreters who have worked directly with the U.S. Armed Forces or under Chief of Mission (COM) authority at U.S. Embassy Baghdad or U.S. Embassy Kabul.

Will the US evacuate Afghan interpreters?

WASHINGTON — A planned U.S. evacuation of a small group of Afghan interpreters will likely drag on even after the last American troops withdraw from the country by the end of August, according to numbers provided by the Biden administration — and some may have to wait more than two years to get out.

Does Taliban have special forces?

The Taliban’s elite special forces units were crucial to the group’s takeover of Afghanistan, experts have told The National, and they are now seen patrolling the streets of towns and cities around the country as the group tightens its grip on power.

Are Afghan interpreters being left behind?

WASHINGTON—The U.S. estimates it left behind the majority of Afghan interpreters and others who applied for visas to flee Afghanistan, a senior State Department official said on Wednesday, despite frantic efforts to evacuate those at risk of Taliban retribution.

Did the interpreter get out of Afghanistan?

After weeks of pleading for help, an Afghan interpreter, who helped rescue then-Senator Joe Biden when he was stranded 13 years ago in Afghanistan, has finally escaped Afghanistan. Aman Khalili describes his journey out of the country, and we speak with the reporter who broke the story.

How do you say hello in Afghan?

A common verbal greeting is “Salam” or “Salam alaikum”, meaning “Peace be upon you”. People usually place their right hand over their heart when they speak, to show respect and sincerity in the greeting.

How do you say hello in Dari?

A collection of useful phrases in Dari (درى), a variety of Persian spoken mainly in Afghanistan, and also in Pakistan….Useful phrases in Dari.

Phrase (Dari) درى
Hello (General greeting) (As-salâmo ‘alaykom) ااسال م عليكم
Hello (on phone)
How are you? (Ci hâl dâri?) چي حال داري؟ (Ci tor hasti?)چي تر هستی؟

What is the average age in Afghanistan?

18.4 years
The median age in Afghanistan is 18.4 years.