How many candidates Afsb Gandhinagar?

All of us reported on time. After briefing of what needs to be taken care of, they took us to the 3AFSB, Gandhinagar. There was a Warrant Officer who gave us the briefing and also checked the necessary documents. 200 candidates reported at the center.

Which is best Afsb Center?

The best AFSB centre for you is the nearest AFSB venue from your location. Do not select AFSB Mysore if you are living in Delhi, you could go with Varanasi or Dehradun. This is so kind of IAF that they have given the choice of selecting the AFSB centre, so utilize it.

Where do I report for 3rd Afsb Gandhinagar?

Candidates have to report at Ahmedabad Railway Station; hence they have to reach Ahmedabad, 30 KM away from Gandhinagar. Ahmedabad is well connected with rail, road and air with major cities of India.

Which Afsb has best selection rate?

One can attend AFSB interviews through CDSE and AFCAT entry….AFSB Vs SSB Interview.

AFSB- Air Force SSB- Army and Navy
Recommendation percentage more Recommendation percentage average(army), less(navy)
Mode of Entry: NDA, CDSE, AFCAT, FTS etc Mode of Entry: NDA, CDSE, UES, TES, TGC, SSC-tech etc
Call up process: Good Call up process: Average

How can I contact Afsb Gandhinagar?

Contact Us Toll Free no. 1800-11-2448, Tele: 011 – 23013690 (Direct), 23010231 Extn 7610, 7645, 7646.

What is Afsb in Afcat?

AFCAT AFSB or Air Force Selection Board Interview is a common interview conducted for the candidates who have cleared the AFCAT Exam. The AFCAT AFSB is conducted to test the mental and physical strength of the candidates. The interview involves Group tasks and Psychological tests.

How many candidates are selected in Afsb?

A. Around 10,000 candidates are selected for the AFSB test based on their performance in the online test.

Is Afsb postponed?

AFSB Dehradun, Varanasi, Mysore, Gandhinagar have cancelled their AFSB interview due to COVID-19. Air Force Selection Boards (AFSB) Dehradun, Mysuru, Gandhinagar and Varanasi has cancelled AFSB Interview following the outbreak of coronavirus. …

How can I reach Gandhinagar?

By Train. The Ahmedabad Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Gandhinagar and is located at a distance of 27 kilometres from Gandhinagar. The railway station is well connected to cities like Nagpur, Bikanaer, Jaipur, Ujjain, Ajmer, Guwahati and Jammu among others.

What is the selection ratio in Afsb?

The AFSB screened in ratio is 60/100 and the SSB screened in ratio is 40/100. The SSB recommendation for Army is average, Navy is less and the AFSB recommendation is more.

Is Afsb same as SSB?

SSB v/s AFSB: The name SSB stands for Service Selection Board, whereas, AFSB stands for Air Force Selection Board.

What is AFCAT number?

Candidates may contact AFCAT cell on Toll free no. 1800-11-2448 or Phone number 020- 25503105 or 020-25503106 to resolve any query regarding registration and submission. of online application procedure.

Which is the Air Force AFSB in India?

They are AFSB Dehradun, AFSB Mysore, AFSB Gandhinagar, AFSB Kanchrapara and AFSB Varanasi. IAF conducts Air Force Officers selection on these interview centres for the selected candidates who attempted and succeeded in above mentioned written exams, direct and special entries.

How long is the AFSB interview in India?

The interview process is conducted for 6 days where three techniques are used and they are Interview, psychology and GTO. We will be focusing and talk about Personal Interview part of the AFSB Interview process which is also called as Vacha.

Can a NSB candidate go for AFSB interview?

NDA, CDS and AFCAT entries allow the candidate to go for AFSB interview at the respective centres. AFSB’s pattern and schedule are a bit different then SSBs and NSBs and even in some tasks like Individual Obstacles and GOR, they differ in obstacles.