How many chains do you need for a star stitch?

Row 1: Start by chaining any even number of stitches, 6 or greater. The first star uses 6 chains, and the remaining stars each use 2. For this example, I’ve chained 16.

How do you crochet a 5 pointed star?


  1. Ch 3. Work 10 hdc in 3rd ch from hook. Join to form a circle.
  2. *ch 5, sl st in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next ch, hdc in next ch, dc in next ch. Sk 1 hdc of beg ring and join in next hdc.* (First point made)
  3. Rep * to * 4 more times to make the last 4 points.
  4. Weave in ends.
  5. Clip off excess yarn.

What is DC crochet stitch?

The double crochet (abbreviated dc) is one of the most common crochet stitches and is about twice as tall as a single crochet. A double-crochet fabric is fairly solid but not stiff and is great for sweaters, shawls, afghans, placemats, or any number of other home decor items.

How does the star stitch tote pattern work?

The pattern begins from the tote base and works upward with the Star Stitch patterns, and ends with another few top edge rounds. You may add or reduces the number of rounds for the tote body to create a tote of different lengths. In this crochet pattern, the handles are crochet from jute twine too.

Is there a star stitch pattern for crochet?

Rnd 1 – Star Stitch on back loops only (A complete start stitch pattern is made of 2 rounds of patterns: Star Bottom, and Star Top. View below for Star Stitch Crochet Pattern.).

Can you make a star stitch tote out of jute twine?

In this crochet pattern, the handles are crochet from jute twine too. However, you may replace it with some ready-made handles. The ready-made handles will give a different look and feel to this jute twine star stitch tote bag.

What is the name of the daisy stitch?

First thing to note is that this stitch is also sometimes called the “Marguerite stitch” or the “daisy stitch,” or even a “spiked cluster.” As you come across this other stitches you should be able to use the knowledge from this post to make those stitches.