How many companies are there in Sri City?

Sri City hosts the production units of 165 companies from 27 countries on 8,000 acres, and has the highest density of MNCs in the country.

What are the industries in Sri City?

International Companies in Sri City SEZ:

  • Danieli (Italy)
  • VRV Group (Italy)
  • Lavazza Fresh & Honest (Italy)
  • Everton (Italy)
  • TII Group (Germany)
  • Alstom Transport (France)
  • Hunter Douglas (Netherlands)
  • Nolato (Sweden)

Who started Sri City?

Ravindra Sannareddy
Sri City’s Founder and Managing Director, Ravindra Sannareddy, has demonstrated tremendous dynamism over the years and thereby propelled the growth of this Business City to global standards.

How many companies are there in Sri Nellore?

Sri City is spread over 7500 acres and accommodates over 190 companies from about 28 countries.

Which state is Sri City located?

Andhra Pradesh
Sri City/State

How many acres is a Sricity?

7500 acres
Spread over 7500 acres, Sri City includes a multiproduct Special Economic Zone (SEZ), a Domestic Tariff Zone (DTZ), a Free Trade & Warehousing Zone (FTWZ) and an Electronics Manufacturing Cluster.

How can I buy land in Sri City?

The land in Sri City is acquired through Government of Andhra Pradesh under Sec 4(1) of the Land Acquisition Act; hence there shall be no litigation in the land transfer process. Till date, there has been no claims for compensation as the land has been acquired through mutual consent.

What makes nolato a good company to work with?

Nolato’s expertise and technology can contribute to customers’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts. A proactive approach, new business opportunities, responsibility and transparency are core elements of Nolato’s long-term strategy to create growth and value for stakeholders and society.

How long has nolato been in the mobile phone industry?

For 20 years, Nolato has developed and produced advanced components for the mobile phone industry. A know-how that leads to new customer in portable consumer electronics products.

Is it possible to set up business in Sri City?

I am confident that some of the Thai companies would consider Sri City for setting up business, in view of the number of advantages”. “We are all totally enthralled with the world-class infrastructure, business friendly atmosphere at Sri City and the proactive industrial policies of AP Government.

What does nolato do for the value chain?

Nolato’s customer offering spans the entire value chain. Our capabilities cover the full spectrum of working with and around polymer-based materials. We support the innovative products of tomorrow, from development to high-volume production and beyond.