How many elementary schools are in Katy?

forty elementary schools
Katy Independent School District operates forty elementary schools, fifteen middle schools and eight high schools.

Does Katy Texas have good schools?

Katy ISD has an A+ rating overall, with ten elementary schools, five junior high schools, and three high schools named in the overall top 10 schools for the entire Houston Area. Katy ISD is also in the top 1% of all school districts in the United States ranking #180 out of 10,758 districts.

What school district is Katy?

Katy ISD
Katy ISD is a school district in Katy, TX.

What time does Katy ISD elementary start?

Katy Elementary School Hours: 7:55 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.

How many schools are in Katy TX?

For the 2021-22 school year, there are 71 public schools serving 77,522 students in Katy Independent School District.

How many elementary students are in Katy ISD?

Capacity & Growth

2021 2030
Bethke Elementary (capacity 1,030) 1,080 1,960
Bryant Elementary (capacity 1,030) 1,426 3,383
Leonard Elementary (capacity 1,030) 1,182 1,864
McElwain Elementary (capacity 1,030) 1,043 6,409

How many students are in Katy ISD?

Katy Independent School District

Katy Independent School District Or KISD
Students and staff
Students 85,000
Other information

When did Katy High School open?

Katy High School/Founded

What high schools are in Katy Texas?

Best High Schools in Katy, TX

  • Seven Lakes High School. Katy Independent School District.
  • New H S #14. Katy Independent School District.
  • Tompkins High School. Katy Independent School District.
  • Cinco Ranch High School.
  • Calvin Nelms High School.
  • Katy High School.
  • Harmony School Of Innovation – Katy.
  • Taylor High School.

What are the high schools in Katy Texas?

Katy High School is a high school located in Katy, Texas which serves grades 9 through 12. It is a part of the Katy Independent School District. The school serves the City of Katy and the unincorporated Harris County community of Cimarron.

Where is Katy school district in Texas?

Katy Public School Information. Katy ISD is a flourishing suburban school district that encompasses 181 square miles in Texas. Its eastern boundaries stretch to Houston’s energy corridor approximately 16 miles west of downtown Houston and extend along Interstate 10 to a few miles west of the city of Katy.

Where is Katy school district?

The Katy Independent School District (KISD) is a public school district based in Katy, Texas, United States with an enrollment of over 70,000 students. As of August 2009, the district was rated as “Recognized” by the Texas Education Agency.