How many Hotels does Sarova have?

Today, Sarova Hotels, Resort & Lodges has more than one thousand rooms in the eight properties across Kenya, employing over one thousand five hundred people all dedicated to providing high standard and quality service to our guests.

Who is the owner of Sarova Hotels?

Sarova is owned by the family of the late businessman G.S. Vohra and John Ngata Kariuki, a former Kirinyaga Central MP and brother of former spymaster the late James Kanyotu.

When was Sarova Whitesands built?

From humble beginnings in 1972, our Founders built a dream imbibed with a deep respect for nature and community that lives in our DNA.

What makes Sarova hotel different from other hotels?

Flavour, freshness, sustainability, service and innovation are synonymous with the culinary experience at Sarova. From conferences, corporate events and product launches to weddings, baby showers, momentous occasions and casual chic events, you say the word, we will make it happen.

Is the last order closed in Sarova hotel?

Due to Government imposed curfew, the hotel bars, restaurants and lounges will be closed from 11pm and last orders will be 9.30pm. To give you maximum flexibility and peace of mind when making your bookings at our hotels, we’ve introduced new rates with a variety of cancellation options to suit your travel needs.

Where is the Sarova Hotel in Nakuru located?

Located in Nakuru on a wooded avenue in the upscale Milimani area adjacent to the State House. Located in Nakuru on a wooded avenue in the upscale Milimani area adjacent to the State House.

What do you get when you check in at Sarova?

When you check-in you’ll be given a complimentary StaySafe at Sarova pack containing your sanitised key cards, complimentary face masks, and more. To reduce touch points, guests are encouraged to bring their own toiletries and amenities. But don’t worry, if you need some, we have sanitised packs of Gilchrist and Soames amenities available.