How many karaoke songs are there on karafun?

KaraFun gives you more than 43,000 high-quality karaoke songs recorded in professional studios. Your device instantly becomes the perfect karaoke machine! Hosting a karaoke party in the boondocks? KaraFun’s got you covered even when there’s no internet. Sync your favorite songs offline and keep the party going!

Can you get new rock on karafun for free?

New Rock! Are you already registered? This feature is only available for our registered users. Create an account to use this feature. It’s free! Can’t find what you are looking for?

What can you do in karaoke party portal?

You can practice with your friends or alone, thanks to “party mode” and you can organize a karaoke contest for playing some people and you can use your television with full screen for singing. Karaoke Party is a social experience because users can vote your favorite interpretations, and they will show them in a ranking.

How can I keep track of songs on karafun?

As Frankie said, “I sang it my way!” Focus on singing and not who’s up next. Add singer’s name to the queue and keep track easily. Experience KaraFun and all its awesome features at home or on the go with any of our apps. Choose any plan to unlock all of the songs on any of your devices.

What can I do with karafun for free?

— Highlights — • Thousands of karaoke songs available • Control each vocal track individually • Offline Mode • Weekly updates • Add any track to your favorites • Works with AirPlay (iOS) / Chromecast (Android) — Free Version — A free KaraFun account is necessary to access the app and gives you access to 30 second previews of each track!

Where can I find the best karaoke songs?

KaraFun features a large collection of karaoke songs, from decade hits to the latest chart toppers. Feel free to dig around in our library. We’re sure that you’ll find the perfect song for any occasion.

Can a karaoke machine be connected to a TV?

— Works with AirPlay (iOS) / Chromecast (Android / External Screen) — Connect your device to any AirPlay compatible device, or directly to any video-projector or TV, and enjoy the smallest yet most powerful karaoke machine ever.