How many metro lines are there in Guangzhou?

eight lines
The eight lines of the Guangzhou Metro system span a length of 223km and connect 133 stations in the city. The first phase of the 18.5km (11.5 mile) Line 1 was opened in June 1997, comprising the first 16 of the eventual 17 stations to be built on this line, along with the depot and workshops.

How do you pay for the metro in Guangzhou?

Download the official APP of Guangzhou Metro or pay attention to the public We-Chat service account of Guangzhou Metro, enter the ticketing center for purchase the desired ticket according to the step prompt, and scan the QR code to take the ticket at the self-service vending and recharging machine at the selected …

Where can I buy Guangzhou Metro Card?

You can easily buy at 7-11s (like 7-11s at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport) , Tian Tian Laundry and Customer service centers of Yang Cheng Tong which at Gongyuan Qian and Tiyu Xilu metro station.

What is the population of Guangdong province?

126 million inhabitants
In 2020, the population of Guangdong province in China amounted to over 126 million inhabitants, ranking first among all the provinces in China. The population density in Guangdong is also higher than in many countries in the world.

How much is a taxi from Guangzhou airport to city?

Fares. Taxis in Guangzhou are cheaper than other Chinese cities. The average cost to transfer from Guangzhou Airport to the city centre is RMB 120 Yuan. Taxi fares in Guangzhou are 10 Yuan for the first 2.5 km, 2.6 Yuan per kilometre between 2.5 and 35 km and 3.5 Yuan per kilometre after 35 km.

How many metro lines are there in Chengdu?

On Dec 18th, 2020, Chengdu Metro officially opened Line 6, 8, 9, 17, 18, making this system the 4th largest in the world….Chengdu Metro.

Number of lines 13
Number of stations 373
Daily ridership 3.1713 million (2018 Avg.) 6.0171 million (2021 Peak)
Annual ridership 1158 million (2018)

Why is Guangdong called Canton?

Why is Guangzhou also known as Canton? Guangzhou has served as a doorway for foreign influence since the 3rd century CE and was the first Chinese port to be regularly visited by European traders, who called it Canton.

What language is spoken in Guangdong China?


Guangdong Province 广东省
• Ethnic composition Han – 99% Zhuang – 0.7% Yao – 0.2%
• Languages and dialects Cantonese and other Yue languages, Hakka, Teochew, Leizhou Min, Tuhua, Mandarin, Zhuang, Yao
ISO 3166 code CN-GD

How many foreigners live in Guangzhou?

83,400 foreigners
Authorities in Guangzhou have released their latest statistics on foreign residents, revealing that a total of 83,400 foreigners currently live in the city.

Is there Uber in Guangzhou?

Uber first launched in China last year and its service is now available in the capital, Beijing, as well as the cities of Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

What is the name of the Guangzhou Metro Line 3?

Line 3 is split into two sections, Shiqiao line (main line, from Panyu Square to Tianhe Coach Terminal) and Airport line (northern branch, Tiyu Xilu to Airport North), and are branded with the colour orange. The line is extremely congested, with numerous sections officially operating over 100% capacity.

When is the last train to Guangzhou East?

The last metro train departs at 23:15. You can take metro line 3 to Guangzhou East Railway Station, and walk south around 450m to the hotel. Upon landing, you can take airport shuttle bus line 1 to get to CAAC Ticket Office Bus Stop. The earliest bus schedule is at 05:20. After arriving, walk southwest around 950 meters to find the destination.

Which is the fastest subway line in China?

Introduction: Guangzhou Subway Line 3 is made up of a trunk line from Tianhe Bus Station to Panyu Square and a branch line from Baiyun Airport South to Tiyu West Rd., with Tiyu West Rd. as the transfer station. It is the first subway in China whose highest speed reaches 120 km (75 miles) per hour.

Where is the last train from Baiyun Airport south to Tiyu West?

Please Note: After the last train from Tiyu West Rd. to Baiyun Airport South leaves, there will be a train at 23:30 from Tiyu West Rd. to Jiahewanggang.