How many mm should my knee sleeve be?

Traditionally, the 3mm knee sleeves are worn more by long distance runners looking for extra stability and support in their run, and the 7mm knee sleeves by weightlifters looking to lift some extra kilos with the help of extra knee support. The 5mm knee sleeve can be used for all sports and activities.

What size compression sleeve should I get?

As a rule of thumb, an arm sleeve that is between . 5 to 2 inches (1.25 to 5 cm) smaller than your bicep should fit you well. And to complicate matters, size labels on their own such as small, medium or large are not that helpful to you in getting the arm sleeve size that is the best fit for what you want to do.

What are 5mm knee sleeves good for?

5mm knee sleeves are ideal for weight training, CrossFit training, squats, leg press, snatch, lunges, and much more.

What sizes do knee sleeves come in?

Knee Sleeve & Knee Brace Size Chart

Size Calf Thigh
1 9.75-11 in / 25-28 cm 14.5-15.75 in / 37-40 cm
2 11-12.25 in / 28-31 cm 15.75-17 in / 40-43 cm
3 12.25-13.5 in / 31-34 cm 17-18 in / 43-46 cm
4 13.5-14.5 in / 34-37 cm 18-19.25 in / 46-49 cm

How do you measure for a compression sleeve?

Arm Sleeves Size Chart

  1. Measure your upper arm circumference at the widest point on your biceps.
  2. Measure your forearm circumference at the widest point, approx 3 cm below the elbow.
  3. Measure the length from your wrist to your armpit (on the inside of your arm.

What is the average knee size?

The average height was 167.6cm (SD ± 9.1cm), while the average knee height and knee height as a percentage of body height was 51.1cm (SD ± 3.6cm) and 30.5% (SD ± 1.2%) respectively. The association between height measurements and knee joint structures are shown in Table 2.

How do I know my sleeve size?

To measure your sleeve length:

  1. Measure from the center back of your neck (at your spine) to the end of your shoulder at the top of your arm.
  2. Measure from your shoulder to just past your wrist bone to where you would like your shirt cuff to sit.

How do I choose a knee sleeve?

Knee sleeves are designed to contour the knee joint and surrounding calf, quad, and hamstring muscles. To get the best measurement, you’ll want to measure the circumference at the top of your calf. That’s about 4” below the midpoint of your kneecap.