How many of the Bali Nine have been executed?

Indonesia has harsh laws against drugs and the other eight members of the Bali Nine received the death penalty or life sentences. The two ringleaders, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, were executed by firing squad in 2015, causing a diplomatic rupture between Australia and Indonesia.

How do they execute people in Bali?

Capital punishment is a legal penalty in Indonesia. Although the death penalty is enforced only sometimes in grave cases of premeditated murder, it is regularly applied to some drug traffickers. Executions are carried out by firing squad.

Are any of the Bali 9 still in jail?

Bali Nine member Martin Stephens, 45, also serving a life sentence, is in a jail in Malang in East Java. Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen, who was at the same jail, died of cancer in 2018. Lawrence was released in 2018 and has returned to Australia.

When was Andrew Chan born?

January 12, 1984
Andrew Chan/Date of birth

What happened to Scott Rush Bali 9?

Bali Nine heroin courier Scott Rush, who is applying to have his life sentence reduced, attended a Christmas church service at his Bali jail on Thursday. was invited to the prison where jail staff spoke in glowing terms of Rush and his bid to have his life sentence slashed to 20 years or less.

What happened to Renee Lawrence?

Commutation. Lawrence appealed the sentence to the Indonesian Supreme Court. On 26 April 2006, a sentence of 20 years imprisonment was handed down. In November 2018 her sentence was commuted, and she was released and deported to Australia on 21 November 2018.

Where is Scott rush now?

Bangli Narcotics jail
Matthew James Norman, 34, and Si Yi Chen, 36, are held in Bali’s Kerobokan prison while Scott Rush, 35, is in the Bangli Narcotics jail in Bali’s north.

Is Renee Lawrence still in jail?

At her own request in March 2014, Lawrence was subsequently transferred to a prison in Bangli to be closer to Denpasar for her family and visitors. When given a five-month remission of sentence on Indonesia’s Independence Day in 2009, Lawrence’s sentence was commuted in 2018.

Who was sentenced to death for the Bali Nine?

In April 2005, nine Australians – the “Bali Nine” – were convicted for attempting to smuggle 8.3 kg (18 lb) of heroin out of Indonesia. The heroin was valued at around A$ 4 million and was bound for Australia. Ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were sentenced to death and executed on 29 April 2015.

Who are the Bali 9 and what did they do?

Bali Nine Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were ringleaders of a plan to smuggle 8.3kg of heroin worth $4 million out of Indonesia into Australia. Source:Supplied

Who was executed on 29 April 2019 in Indonesia?

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran (Australia), Rodrigo Gularte (Brazil), Martin Anderson (Nigeria/Ghana), Raheem Agbaje Salami (Nigeria), Sylvester Obiekwe Nwolise (Nigeria), Okwudili Oyatanze (Nigeria), Zainal Abidin bin Mgs Mahmud Badarudin (Indonesia) were executed just after 12.30 am local time on 29 April.

Where are the Bali Nine going to be buried?

The families of the two men are expected to fly out of Jakarta on Friday with the bodies. Both men will be buried in Australia. The execution has strained relations between the two countries, with Indonesian President Joko Widodo making his first public statement since Australia announced it was withdrawing its ambassador.