How many rivers are in the South Island?

New Zealand has more than 70 major river systems (30 in the North Island and 40 in the South Island) and numerous other streams and watercourses.

How many cities are in the South Island?

All four cities are very different. Christchurch is the largest and has a certain English feel to it though it is definitely a New World city. Dunedin was settled by Scottish Presbyterians and is very proud of those roots.

Which of these is a river in the South Island of New Zealand?

The Buller River is a river in the South Island of New Zealand.

What Rivers does New Zealand have?

The 20 longest rivers

Rank Name Length (km)
1 Waikato 425
2 Clutha / Mata-Au 322
3 Whanganui 290
4 Taieri 288

Why are NZ rivers blue?

More New Zealand Rivers These particles reflect sunlight and the result is a milky blue colour in the water. Other South Island rivers have a natural brown hue due to an organic substance present in native rainforests called tannins.

Who owns rivers in NZ?

Many New Zealand lakebeds and riverbeds are Crown property and are managed by LINZ on behalf of the Commissioner of Crown Lands. The Commissioner of Crown Lands (CCL) is an independent statutory officer who reports to the Minister for Land Information.

Which is the largest city on South Island New Zealand?

New Zealand’s largest cities are Auckland and Wellington in the North Island, and Christchurch in the South Island.

What is the largest populated city in the South Island of New Zealand?

Christchurch is the biggest city in the South Island by some distance and is a great place to base yourself for exploring all the delights of the South Island.

What is the name of the longest river in South Island?

New Zealand’s longest rivers

River Length (km)
South Island
Clutha 322
Taieri 288
Mataura 240

What is the fastest flowing river in New Zealand?

The mighty Clutha river
The mighty Clutha river is the largest by volume in New Zealand and the second longest as well as the fastest. It is that quick, it is on a par with World giants like the Amazon River.

Which is the largest river in New Zealand?

The Waikato River in the North Island is the longest by far; the South Island’s Clutha River comes second….New Zealand’s longest rivers.

River Length (km)
North Island
Waikato 425
Whanganui 290
Rangitīkei 241

What is the deepest river in New Zealand?

Clutha River/Mata-Au, Balclutha, New Zealand. It drains a basin some 8,480 square miles (21,960 square km) in area and has a mean annual discharge of 23,000 cubic feet (650 cubic metres) per second.

Are there any rivers in the South Island?

Few sizable freshwater catchments exist entirely within public conservation land, aside from some rivers on the South Island’s west coast. Fresh water is administered by regional councils under the RMA.

What are the names of the rivers in New Zealand?

Aan River. Acheron River (Canterbury) Acheron River (Marlborough) Ada River. Adams River. Ahaura River. Ahuriri River.

Which is the most southern city in New Zealand?

Invercargill – Invercargill is the most southern city of New Zealand, resting on the Southland Plains beside the Oreti River. With a population of about 53,000, Invercargill is home to the Southern Institute of Technology, a polytech that offers a zero-fees scheme to students.

What are the main cities in New Zealand?

South Island Main Cities Blenheim . The town enjoys on of New Zealand’s sunniest climates, with hot dry summers. Attractions include the Omaka… Kaikoura . The town has a permanent population of about 2,000 and is famous for its crayfish, southern fur seals,… Greymouth . With a population of