How many seats are in the House of Blues Boston?

Venue Capacities

Location Reception Theatre Seating
Music Hall 1,800 850
Foundation Room 250 100
Restaurant 125 40
Outdoor Patio 65 N/A

Is House of Blues Boston 21+?

All ages are welcome – unless otherwise stated on the ticket.

Does House of Blues Boston have seats?

The House of Blues Boston has several levels. The ground level is basically a big dance floor, with a raised bar/merchandise area around the perimeter. The second level has a few assigned seats on the sides, with standing room towards the back.

Who owns House of Blues in Boston?

Live Nation Entertainment
The first location opened at Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1992. The chain has been a division of Live Nation Entertainment since July 2006, and there are 11 locations throughout the United States as of July 2020….House of Blues.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Live Nation Entertainment

How much does it cost to book the House of Blues?

Venue notes The rental fee is $1,500 for ceremony and reception and includes 4 hours of event time excluding set up and clean up time. There is a food and beverage minimum applied to all events. Additional hours can be arranged for a fee ranging between $500/hr and $1,000/hr. A security deposit of 50% is required.

How old do you have to be to go to the House of Blues?

For an all-ages show, guests of all ages are welcome with an admission ticket. Children age 18 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Age restricted shows will be notated when purchasing tickets. Please review or inquire about any age restrictions prior to purchasing tickets.

Why did House of Blues close?

It closed in August 2015, after 21 years in business, to make way for a mixed-use development. Called Sunset Time, the project will comprise two new buildings, including a hotel that will rise eight stories and hold nearly 150 rooms.

Does Jim Belushi own House of Blues?

Aykroyd, a co-owner of the House of Blues, greeted guests and made sure to mention that this new venue is “the biggest granddaddy of the chain” before he, Belushi, president of House of Blues Entertainment Rob Bension and chief operating officer Ben Weeden, did a traditional guitar smash to officially christen the club …

Where is House of Blues Boston located?

House of Blues Boston Contact Phone Number is : +1 888-693-2583. and Address is 15 Lansdowne Street, Boston, Massachusetts, MA 02215, United States. The House of Blues is a live music concert hall. The House of Blues was founded on 26 November 1992. Its headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Who is at House of Blues?

Better than Ezra, Outkast, Ziggy Marley, Gavin DeGraw, Willie Nelson, Dr. John and Frank Black are just some of those featured on the House of Blues New Orleans schedule in the past.

What is the original House of Blues?

The very first House of Blues opened its doors in a converted historical house in Cambridge , Massachusetts in 1992 and is home to live music, original folk art, and delta-inspired cuisine.

What is the address of the House of Blues?

House of Blues Chicago Contact Phone Number is : +1-312-923-2000. and Address is 329 N Dearborn St Chicago, IL 60654, United States. House of Blues is a Live music, original folk art, and southern-inspired cuisine industry. It was located in 329 N Dearborn St Chicago, IL 60654, United States. House of Blues was founded on November 26, 1992.