How many SEC tournaments has Tennessee won?

Since 1990 when a separate tournament champion was crowned, nine teams have won the SEC tournament title. Georgia has nine, Florida is at five, Tennessee has four, with Ole Miss and Mississippi State each at three.

Has Tennessee ever won the SEC basketball tournament?

Tennessee has won the SEC Tournament four times, tying Florida for third-most among league schools. The Vols won the event in 1936, 1941, 1943 and 1979. Tennessee’s SEC Tournament record at Bridgestone Arena is 9-8.

When was the last time Tennessee won the SEC Tournament?

The Vols had not made it to the SEC Tournament championship game since 1984 and have never won the SEC Tournament.

How many SEC championships does Tennessee have in basketball?

Regular season championships by school

School # of Regular Season Championships Last Regular Season Championship
Kentucky 49 2020
LSU 11 2019
Tennessee 11 2018
Alabama 10 2021

Who won the most SEC championships?

All-Time SEC Championships By School

  • Alabama – 27.
  • Georgia – 13.
  • Tennessee – 13.
  • LSU – 11.
  • Florida – 8.
  • Auburn – 8.
  • Ole Miss – 6.
  • *Georgia Tech – 5.

Who won the SEC Tournament 2021?

THE Arkansas Razorbacks
Share All sharing options for: 2021 SEC Tournament Champions: THE Arkansas Razorbacks. The Arkansas Razorbacks win the SEC Championship in the conference tournament on Sunday versus Tennessee 7-2. The Razorbacks are the third team since the expansion of the Southeastern Conference in 2012.

Who won the 2018 SEC Tournament?


2018 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament
Champions Kentucky (32nd title)
Winning coach John Calipari (6th title)
MVP Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Kentucky)
Attendance 103,733

Who won in the SEC tournament?

Alabama Crimson Tide men’s basketball
SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament/Current champions

What SEC team has the most SEC championships?

SEC Championship Game

SEC Football Championship Game
Played 1992–present
Last contest 2020
Current champion Alabama
Most championships Alabama (9)

Who won the SEC in basketball?

When was the last time Alabama Basketball won the SEC championship?

The last one was 1987 and was the Tide’s fourth ever. The other three were 1934, 1956 and 1976. At least in Crimson Tide record books, being the outright SEC Champion is a big deal.

Who are the past SEC Men’s Basketball Champions?

Champions and Award Winners Year Regular Season Champion (s) SEC Tournament Champion 1933 Kentucky Kentucky 1934 Kentucky Alabama 1935 Kentucky LSU No Tournament 1936 Kentucky Tennessee Tennessee

How is the SEC Men’s Tennis Championship determined?

It rotates to all 14 schools with future sites set for Georgia (2022), Auburn (2023), Kentucky (2024), LSU (2025), Tennessee (2026), Vanderbilt (2027) and Alabama (2028). From 1953-1989 the SEC Champion was determined by the accumulation of points in an individual flighted tournament (there was not a separate team tournament champion).

When was the last time the SEC won the NCAA Tournament?

From 1980 to 1985, the official SEC champion was the tournament winner, but the tournament now only determines the recipient of the SEC’s automatic berth in the NCAA tournament. All 14 SEC schools play baseball.

When did Alabama become the SEC baseball champion?

673 days ago School Year Regular-Season Champion 1932-33 Georgia 1933-34 Alabama 1934-35 Alabama 1935-36 Alabama