How many students attend Tolleson High School?

Tolleson Union High School is a four-year high school located in Tolleson, Arizona….

Tolleson Union High School
Grades 9-12
Number of students 2,366 (2018-19)
Student to teacher ratio 23.50

Where is Tolleson High School located?

Located in Tolleson, Arizona, we’re a part of the Tolleson Union School District. Our school delivers top-notch education and with the help of our supportive community, highly qualified teachers, and exceptional students, we have a school we’re proud of.

What time does Tolleson High School get out?

Our school begins at 8:25 a.m. and dismisses at 3:00 p.m. Is there a dress code? As members of the Tolleson High School campus, we expect University High students to adhere to the dress code specified for all Tolleson students.

What high school in the Tolleson district is the best high school?

Tolleson Union High School
Tolleson Union High School 2021 Rankings Tolleson Union High School is ranked #10,370 in the National Rankings.

What city is 85339 zip code?

ZIP Code 85339

Post Office City: Laveen, AZ (View All Cities)
County: Maricopa County
Timezone: America/Phoenix (11:47am)
Coordinates: 33.3, -112.2 ZIP (~9 mile radius)

Where is Tolleson Union High School District located?

Where We Are. Tolleson Union High School District 9801 West Van Buren Tolleson, AZ 85353 Fax: (623) 936.5048 We’ve included a map for you here.

Where can I go for summer school in Tolleson?

We are offering July summer school classes at both La Joya Community High School and online through Tolleson Virtual High School from July 1 through July 16. This summer session will provide current TUHSD students the opportunity to obtain high school credit.

Is it free to go to Tolleson Virtual High School?

The classes are free, and students must register online through Tolleson Virtual High School . In the meantime, as we get ready for the start of school in August, I want to share some of our good news over the past several weeks.