How many Tours has Miley Cyrus been on?

five concert tours
American singer Miley Cyrus has released seven studio albums as well as one extended play and a live album since her debut in 2006. This has resulted in five concert tours (three of them worldwide), and a lot of TV and award shows performances.

Who did Miley Cyrus tour with?

Cyrus also rendered a tribute to the deceased singer Michael Jackson and performed two Hannah Montana-credited songs as herself….Shows.

City North America Chicago
Venue United Center
Opening act Metro Station
Attendance (Tickets sold / available) 16,600 / 16,600
Revenue $1,148,500

When was the last time Miley Cyrus went on tour?

She only released “She Is Coming” on May 31, 2019, and the second and third installments — “She Is Here” and “She Is Everything” were delayed to 2020. “She Is Coming” debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200. Cyrus last toured in 2015 on the Milky Milky Milk Tour, which made stops in eight North American cities.

How many tours did Miley Cyrus do as Hannah Montana?

A three-dimensional film, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, was released to American cinema in February 2008….Best of Both Worlds Tour.

Tour by Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus
Official promotional poster for the tour.
End date January 31, 2008
Legs 1
No. of shows 70

Did Hannah Montana actually go on tour?

While Hannah Montana was created for the show, she also managed to maintain a traditional pop career. Hannah toured, performed concerts, filmed music videos, made multiple studio albums, and did public appearances.

How old how old is Miley Cyrus?

28 years (November 23, 1992)
Miley Cyrus/Age

What happened to the Best of Both Worlds Tour?

Tensions reach breaking point on Best of Both Worlds R. Kelly has been kicked off the Best of Both Worlds Tour, his joint outing with Jay-Z, after a dispute between the two performers Friday night at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Kelly was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital, treated for his injuries and released.

When is Miley Cyrus going to be on tour?

Miley Cyrus Tour 2021 – 2022 | Tour Dates for all Miley Cyrus Concerts in 2021 and 2022! KFC YUM! Center KFC Yum! Center

How many albums does Miley Cyrus have sold?

Miley Cyrus is one of the most influential artists in pop culture. She has five #1 albums including her 2013 GRAMMY-nominated album Bangerz, that is also certified 3x platinum in the U.S., five sold-out world tours and 36 million digital tracks sold in the US alone.

When does Miley Cyrus play at Glastonbury 2019?

Upcoming concerts (4) Wednesday 26 June 2019 – Sunday 30 June 2019 Miley Cyrus Glastonbury Festival 2019 Thursday 27 June 2019 – Saturday 29 June 2019 Miley Cyrus Tinderbox Festival 2019 Friday 16 August 2019 – Monday 19 August 2019 Miley Cyrus Woodstock 50 2019 Saturday 21 September 2019 Miley Cyrus iHeartRadio Music Festival 2019

What did Miley Cyrus wear to the Wonder World concert?

The main show commenced with Cyrus emerging from the bottom of the stage inside a large, crystal-like glacier. She wore a black leather hot pantsuit, a tank top, and a white fur vest with a silver sequined hood as she escaped the cocoon to perform the concert’s opening number, “Breakout”.