How many UCS are there in Multan?

68 Union Councils
Multan local government system There are 68 Union Councils in Municipal Corporation Multan (MCM), the body which controls local government of Multan. The Union Councils elect their Chairmen and Vice Chairmen who then elect their Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively.

How do I contact the Union Council?

Contact Us

  1. Email : [email protected]
  2. Tel : +92 42 99205153-55.
  3. Fax : +92 42 99205156.
  4. Helpline : 1139.

Which tehsil is Johar Town in?

Johar Town (Punjabi, Urdu: شهرک جوہر‎, Shahrak-e-Johar) is a neighborhood and union council (UC 114) located in Iqbal Tehsil of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Johar Town is named after Mohammad Ali Jouhar, one of several prominent leaders of the Pakistan Movement.

How many UCS are there in Lahore?

Union Council’s

Union Council’s
As of 2017 there are 274 Union councils in Lahore, enlisted as below:
UC # 1 Begum Kot Shahdara UC # 2 Yousaf Park shahdara
UC # 3 Gia Musa / Kot Kamboh shahdara UC # 4 Shamsabad shahdara
UC # 5 Chah Chambay wal shahdara UC # 6 Aziz Colony Shahdara

What is UC in Pakistan?

A Union Council or Village Council in Pakistan is an elected local government body that has 21 councillors. They are elected by the people.

How many UC are in Punjab?

Punjab has 334 districts with 3,454 union councils and 25,930 villages. Among the districts, maximum number of 192 union councils are in Gujranwala, followed by 170 in Rawalpindi. Layyah and Hafizabad districts have the least number of union councils, 44 and 45 respectively.

What is Karachi area?

3,780 km²

Is Shahdara a part of Lahore?

Shahdara Bagh, is a northern suburb of Lahore, Pakistan. It is situated on the northern side of the Ravi River. Shahdara means Shah (King) and dara means the way of kings. In the 15th century it was the gate entrance of the Lahore and Mughal Emperor.