How many watts are mtx 12?

The MTX TN12-04 is a 12″ single voice coil, 4 Ohm, 200 watt Car Audio Subwoofer that is economically priced but not short on performance.

Are mtx Thunder Subs good?

mtx are very good quality, but don’t put as much bass so they get ranked on. If your going for SPL, MTX probably isn’t the greatest, but they’re very good in the way of sound quality.

How much does the mtx cost?

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How many watts can mtx terminators handle?

Each subwoofer can handle 200 watts RMS power, resulting in a power level of 400 watts RMS/800 watts peak for the entire enclosure.

Are MTX speaker good?

The company website will tell you that MTX car speakers are of high quality and offer superior performance. As well as accurately reproducing a range of music, the new range of 3-Way MTX car speakers are also designed to be easily installed and have one of the shallowest mounting depths of any car speakers available.

Are old subwoofers good?

There are a lot of variables that will impact how long your equipment lasts, but in general a good sub can last for 20+ years. I had an old Sony subwoofer than was purchased in 1999 which I ended up selling to a friend of mine. It’s still cranking away and that thing was used and abused during my college years.

How much are MTX 12 in speakers?

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure

List Price: $269.99 Details
Price: $138.91
You Save: $131.08 (49%)

Are MTX 12s good?

Good subwoofer if you install the right, MTX is the best type of system you can get for your money and their quality. My friends has 2 W7’s that are 12 inches. They Thump hard. And these 12’s can hang with it if it has the right amp.

What kind of subwoofers does MTX Audio have?

MTX offers an assortment of 12″ subwoofers designed for many different style systems. Whether you want nothing but SPL or to just add some bass to your system, MTX has a subwoofer for you.

How much does a MTX thunder7500 subwoofer cost?

Great Bass, Great Sub. I Bought two of these 12” subs and also a vented box to go along with an MTX 2000XD amp (1000w RMS ($200 on amazon)) and they thump! If you get two you can wire them in parallel and drop your Ohms and get bigger bass using less power from your amp.

How much power does a Thunder subwoofer have?

If you get two you can wire them in parallel and drop your Ohms and get bigger bass using less power from your amp. They are rated for 400w RMS each but my amp was easily pushing them at 500w RMS and they could handle that and more.

How much does MTX 2000xd AMP cost on Amazon?

I purchased most of my things on amazon and saved more than 50% if I was to buy the same items at a retail store. Example: The MTX 2000xd amp is $500 on MTX’s website. its $199.95 on amazon. So shop around.