How many wind turbines are at Bald Hills?

The turbines are located in three distinct areas, one to the west and one to the east of Tarwin Lower Waratah Road, and one near the end of Bald Hills Road….

Bald Hills Wind Farm
Make and model Senvion MM92
Nameplate capacity 106.6 MW
Capacity factor 40.69% (projected)
Annual net output 380 GWh (projected)

Where are the wind turbines in Victoria?

Most of Victoria’s wind farms are being built along the southern coast and around the Ballarat, Ararat, and Hamilton areas. The total capacity for the state as of 2021 was around 2,888 MW,. Several wind farms are under construction while several more have been proposed and approved.

Where are wind farms in Australia?

Australian wind farms are currently located in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

Who owns the wind turbines in Victoria?

In September 2015, AGL Energy sold its 50% stake in the wind farm to H R L Morrison & Co managed funds (Morrison & Co) for $532m. AGL Energy will operate and maintain the wind farm in lieu of Morrison & Co and Malakoff.

Who owns Macarthur wind farm?

Macarthur is a 420 megawatt wind farm in Victoria, that is jointly owned by funds managed by Morrison and AMP Capital. The wind farm’s output is fully contracted to AGL Energy through to January 2038, under a 25-year offtake arrangement with one of AGL’s subsidiaries.

Who owns Australian wind farms?

The biggest wind farm in Australia is owned by AGL, which is the Coopers Gap Wind Farm. When fully constructed, it will have a capacity of 453MW, producing about 1,510,00MWh of energy a year, according to AGL, which the energy giant claims will power approximately 264,000 average-sized Australian homes.

Who owns Berrybank wind farm?

Our Company Global Power Generation Australia (GPGA) is the Australian subsidiary of Global Power Generation (GPG), the international generation arm of Naturgy Group (Naturgy).

Where is the Bald Hills wind farm in Australia?

The Bald Hills Wind Farm is an operating wind farm located approximately 10 km south east of Tarwin Lower in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. The Bald Hills Wind Farm site covers approximately 1,750ha of largely cleared cattle and sheep grazing farmland.

Why did Bald Hills wind farm sue the Council?

The operator of the windfarm sued the council in March last year after it commissioned an independent report, which found noise from the farm’s turbines was having an adverse impact on the comfort and wellbeing of residents.

Where are the wind farms in South Gippsland?

The Bald Hills Wind farm has 52 turbines south-east of Tarwin Lower in South Gippsland. Supplied: Rob French “People think that these wind farms are out in the country, out in the middle of nowhere, and it’s not going to affect anyone.

Is there any evidence that wind farms are bad for You?

The Australian Medical Association’s positionis there is no credible evidence that wind farms have a negative impact on the health of people who live near them. Flinders University in Adelaide is completing a five-year projectresearching the effect of wind farms on people’s sleep.