How much can I get for used golf balls?

If the golf balls you sell are in decent condition, good enough for the driving range, Golfweek says you can get “5 to 15 cents per ball.” Although this may seem low at first when you are selling hundreds or thousands of balls, that 5 to 15 cents really adds up!

Are Pro V1 balls worth it?

The ProV1 is used by professionals all around the globe, which speaks for itself – it’s a great ball that’s worth every penny. For improved distance and increased ball control, it’s definitely worth taking a look at purchasing the Titleist ProV1.

Why are Pro V1 golf balls so expensive?

The Titleist Pro V1 is a 3-piece golf ball, so has three layers, while the Pro V1X is a 4-piece golf ball. All golf balls start life as a core, made from a synthetic compound, and as a minimum also feature a cover. It’s the materials used in these which play some part in the price.

What are the most valuable used golf balls?

Top 10 Most Expensive Golf Balls

  1. Dixon Fire Golf Balls ($70/Dozen)
  2. Titleist AVX Golf Balls ($70/Dozen)
  3. Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls ($62/Dozen)
  4. Volvik Vivid Prior Generation Golf Balls ($58/Dozen)
  5. XXIO 2020 Eleven Golf Balls ($50/Dozen)
  6. Callaway 2020 Chrome Soft Golf Balls ($48/Dozen)

Is there a place to sell used golf balls?

These sites include and Another site,, has no minimum and bases its pricing on the average market prices for the brand of ball. On eBay, you can sell golf balls by the dozen or by the thousands. You can also sell in bulk, with all brands mixed or separated by brand and type.

Are used golf balls worth it?

The conclusion was clear. None of these “myths” was in fact a myth. Whatever club in the bag was used by testers, and with any of the grades of used ball tested, there was no significant impact on performance.

Should high handicappers play Pro V1?

For high handicappers looking to improve their scores with minimal effort, deciding to play with the Titleist Pro V1 is the best choice a golfer can make. As a result of the high-quality construction of the Pro V1 comes incredible performance in every aspect of the golfing game.

What is so good about Pro V1?

Designed for pros and high-level amateurs (single-digit handicaps), the ProV1 is designed to maximize short game control while delivering nearly the same driving length as balls in the “distance” category. It’s also much more durable than its balata-covered predecessors, which were prone to large cuts and scuffs.

Which is better Pro V1x or Pro V1?

YOU’LL HAVE SOFTER TOUCH AND FEEL New Pro V1 offers the greatest combination of speed, spin and feel in the game and is the best fit for the majority of golfers. Pro V1x is designed for players who want a higher trajectory and increased spin relative to Pro V1, with a slightly firmer feel.

How much do pro golf balls cost?

2-piece balls (sometimes called recreational or game-improvement balls), can be purchased from $15 to $25 per dozen, whereas tour-level balls will set you back anywhere from $30 to $50 per dozen.

Are there any Pro V1 golf balls for sale?

48 Titleist Pro V1 2018 Near Mint Used Golf Balls AAAA *In a Free Bucket!*SALE!* 3 DZ NEW 2021 Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – FEDEX 2 DAY SHIPPING! 1 product ratings – 3 DZ NEW 2021 Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – FEDEX 2 DAY SHIPPING! Only 1 left! 2019 Titleist Pro V1/Pro V1x Golf Balls! 1 – 5 Dozen!!

Which is the best brand of golf balls?

Used Titleist Pro V1 & V1x Golf Balls | Golf Balls Direct. Titleist Pro V’s are one of the best brands in golf. These balls provide excellent distance and consistency in their flight. Made for golfers with a faster swing speed, the Pro V1x offers a firmer feel and lower spin rate than the Pro V1. Both offer better short game control.

Where to buy used Titleist Pro golf balls?

Why choose used Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1X golf balls from Because you’ll get recycled golf balls with virtually the same performance quality for 40 – 80% less than you’d pay for new. Get Free Personalization on all (5A) Pristine grade golf balls.

How many golf balls are sold by the dozen?

All Golf Balls Sold By The Dozen (12 Golf Balls) Unless Otherwise Stated. for Free? for Free? for Free? for Free? for Free? for Free?