How much do independent record labels make?

Independent Record Label Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $91,000 $7,583
75th Percentile $64,000 $5,333
Average $52,230 $4,352
25th Percentile $29,000 $2,416

Are independent record labels good?

Indie labels and boutiques generally have the advantage here. They have smaller artist rosters, which means you will get more attention. It also makes it easier to develop personal relationships and work closely with the label’s team.

What is the most successful independent record label?

Successful Independent Record Labels

  • XL Recordings. Founded in 1989, their stable of artists includes Radiohead, Adele, and M.I.A.
  • R&S, a Belgian label. Formed in 1984, it’s one of the oldest indie labels around.
  • Ghostly International.
  • Brainfeeder.
  • Mind of a Genius.
  • 4AD.
  • Carpark Records.
  • Domino Records.

What does it take to have a successful record label?

1. Be professional and work hard to achieve some success for the first artists you sign, while building your good reputation. 2. Even if you have limited resources, make sure all of your records—including artwork and packaging—are of the highest quality your label can produce.

Is it better to be independent or signed?

Artists who want to retain the master rights, keep 100% of the profits, have complete creative control, and are music business savvy may consider going independent. Artists who want more freedom to work on music, don’t mind fewer profits, and want more exposure may consider signing with a record label.

What record labels are looking for new artists?

That said, at the time of writing, the following record labels are looking for artists:

  • Atlantic via Emerge (pop, R&B)
  • Babygrande (hip-hop, indie, EDM)
  • Captured Tracks (indie, post-punk)
  • Century Media (hardcore, metal, hard rock)
  • Dim Mak (electronic, punk, indie, hip-hop)
  • Domino (indie)
  • Epitaph (punk, emo)

Is it possible to run a successful record label?

Owning and running a successful record label is a major ambition for many budding music entrepreneurs. The independent music sector is booming, with new labels and exciting indie artists springing up across the globe.

How often do independent record labels make money?

A label pays for the promotions of each release, which of course costs money and accounts for the sales from itse bank account back to the artist within set periods, normally at least twice a year (end of July and end of December). Everyone else is considered to be an independent record label.

Which is the most successful indie record label?

Indies tend to outsource their promotion, press, and distribution via third parties. Their budgets can be really small, or just as big as a major, depending on the success of the label. Hugely successful indie labels include the likes of Domino Records and Rough Trade.

Who are the major record labels in the UK?

There are only 3 major record labels in the UK and they are Sony, Universal, and Warner Music. These major labels are so big that they have their own in-house distribution, press, promotion, and generally huge budgets for artists .