How much does a aluminum fence cost?

The cost of an aluminum fence nationwide ranges from $3,111 to $6,753. The average cost across different styles of aluminum fence is $4,932 for professional installation….Aluminum Fence Styles.

ALUMINUM FENCE TYPE COST per linear foot * materials and Labor
Ornamental $15 – $48
Solid privacy $27 – $36

How long are aluminum fence panels?

Two rail fence panels can come in 36 inches and 48 inches tall. Fence style 3 at 48 inches tall is common for general perimeter fence and pool fence. Two rail styles are also for when you want minimal fencing not to obstruct a view.

Is aluminum fencing cheaper than steel?

Lightweight, durable, versatile, and corrosion-resistant, aluminum fencing will last for years without losing its luster. Aluminum is 100% recyclable, and it is less expensive than steel. These factors make it a popular choice for home use.

Do Aluminum fences rust?

Aluminum fences are not made with iron or steel, so they do not rust in the traditional sense of the word. Moisture or wetness does cause a reaction in aluminum, but this reaction is not as detrimental to the metal as rust is to iron or steel.

How hard is it to install aluminum fence?

It is easy to install the fence panels to posts. For level runs, you usually have pre-punched posts, and we include self-tapping screws to make the connections. At the end of a run, you may have to trim a panel down to fit. It’s easy to do this with a hacksaw or electric saw.

Is aluminum fencing expensive?

Aluminum fence installation labor is usually charged by the foot. The labor prices range from $15 to $40 per foot, depending on where you live. The national average cost for installing an aluminum fence ranges between $3,000 to $8,500, with most homeowners spending around $7,150 for a 100-foot fence.

Does aluminum fence need maintenance?

Pro: Minimal Maintenance Aluminum fencing is attractive in part because it requires fairly minimal maintenance compared to other types of fencing materials. Aluminum fencing usually needs little more than to be occasional wiped clean of dirt and debris.

How much does it cost to install fence panels?

In fact, the price per a standard panel is between $66 and $87, whereas typical installation costs vary between $68 and $78.

Can you install an aluminum fence yourself?

You should really consider installing your own aluminum fence panels. It may seem daunting at first, but remember that a large proportion of our customers do the work themselves.

What is Aluminum fencing used for?

Aluminum fences can be used for Privacy fencing, to provide privacy and security; Pool fencing; Decorative or ornamental fencing, to enhance the appearance of a property; Boundary fencing, to demarcate a piece of real property (link), or Perimeter fencing, to prevent children and/or pets from wandering away.

What is the price of aluminum fencing?

The cost of materials for an aluminum fence is about $3,600. For a small, low-durability aluminum fence, homeowners should expect to spend around $2,700. For a maximum-durability aluminum fence of average size, the price is estimated to be around $4,000.2016 Aluminum Fence Cost | Aluminum Fencing Price Per

What is an aluminum fence panel?

Aluminum fence panels are a maintenance-free alternative to wrought iron fencing. 20 styles of decorative aluminum fencing and gates to choose from. Panel design is only limited by your imagination – you have your choice of colors, picket styles, gates, and finials. All necessary hardware is included.

Is aluminum or steel fencing right for You?

If your needs are more decorative than functional, Aluminum fencing is a great option. However, if you require a fence that is more functional for long term, secure, and damage-resistant, then steel fencing is the best option for you.