How much does a Gehl 5635 weigh?

Gehl SL5635SXII Skid Steer Loader This Gehl SL5635SXII skid steer weighs 6620 pounds and has a rated operating capacity of 1900 pounds. The Gehl 5635SX is shown to the left with a general bucket.

How much does a Gehl skid steer weigh?

Here is what we know about the Gehl SL5635 Skid Steer Loader. It has a Deutz Diesel engine that produces 60 horsepower. This Gehl SL5635 skid steer weighs 2970 pounds and has a rated operating capacity of 1800 pounds.

How many horsepower is a Gehl 5640 skid steer?

Gehl 5640 Skid Steer Loader It has a four cylinder Deutz turbo Diesel engine that produces 60 horsepower. This Gehl 5640 skid steer weighs 7205 pounds and has a rated operating capacity of 2200 pounds and is shown to the left with a general bucket attachment.

How wide is a Gehl skid steer?


Rated Operating Capacity (kg) 850 lbs. (386)
Height to Hinge Pin – Fully Raised (mm) 96″ (2438)
Overall Width (mm) 35.8″ (909)
Standard Specification Tire Size 8.70 x 12

Are Gehl skid steers any good?

These highly durable large-frame machines are the perfect solution for heavy ground engaging work. They offer operating capacities up to 2,600 lbs and high torque motors with excellent tractive effort. Three vertical-lift models round out the Gehl skid loader line.

What motor is in a Gehl skid steer?

The Gehl SL4625 skid steer loader is powered by a four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. It has a maximum power rating of 47 horsepower, or 35 kilowatts.

How much fuel does a Gehl skid steer hold?

Specifications (standard)

Rated Operating CapacityB 1,050 lbs.
Rated Operating Capacity with Optional CounterweightB 1,175 lbs.
Fuel Tank 10.4 gal.
Travel Speed – Maximum 5.9 mph

Does Gehl still make skid steers?

The first Gehl-designed machine rolled off a Gehl assembly line in July 1973 in Madison, S.D., where Gehl-brand skid steers are still manufactured. Models 6620 and 6625 entered Gehl into the largest skid steer class. By 1995, Gehl offered a full line of eight models serving the agricultural and construction markets.

Where is the serial number on a Gehl skid steer?

Serial Number Location for Gehl Skidsteer Loader VIN Number Location: The VIN label on older machines is on the right side at the rear of the machine, under the right support arm. Newer models have the VIN label attached on the rear, left inside (highway side), same as Bobcat and Caterpillar.

Did Gehl go out of business?

Gehl was founded by Louis Lucas in 1859. Gehl was acquired in September 2008 for US$30 a share by the French equipment maker Manitou Group. This allowed the company to expand its telehandler market into the US and enter several new equipment markets. The company was delisted from NASDAQ under its ticker symbol GEHL.