How much does a Nokia phone cost in India?

Nokia Mobiles Price in India 2019 (with 137 models and pictures) ₹ 29,990 See more prices ₹ 14,399 See more prices ₹ 16,599 See more prices ₹ 8,899 See more prices ₹ 6,980 See more prices ₹ 11,578 See more prices ₹ 6,999 See more prices ₹ 999 See more prices ₹ 7,799 See more prices ₹ 8,088 See more prices ₹ 47,270 See more prices

What is the price of Nokia G20 in India?

Nokia Mobiles Price List 2021 Nokia Mobiles Price List Price Gadgets 360 Rating Nokia G20 Rs. 12,990 – Nokia 5.4 Rs. 12,999 7 Nokia 225 4G Rs. 3,499 – Nokia 215 4G Rs. 2,949 –

Which is the latest version of Android for Nokia phones?

The latest version of Android brings a bunch of cool features to Nokia smartphones, improving everything from the way you message to the way you get security updates. Sometimes, less is more. Much, much more.

Which is the highest specced phone of Nokia?

The Nokia 8.1 Sirocco is Nokia’s highest-specced smartphone it has released so far. The device comes with a flagship Snapdragon 835 CPU paired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. This is priced at Rs. 36,999.

What are the different types of Nokia phones?

Nokia 1000 series – Ultrabasic series. 2. Nokia 2000 series – Basic series. 3. Nokia 3000 series – Expression series. 4. Nokia 4000 series. 5. Nokia 5000 series – Active series.

When was the first Nokia mobile phone made?

Founded way back in 1865, it was first started as a pulp mill near the town of Nokia in Finland and then expanded to produce rubber and generate electricity. It soon merged with two other firms and started manufacturing cables, electronics, personal computers, TVs and mobile phones.

Which is the largest family of Nokia phones?

The Nokia 6000 series is Nokia’s largest family of phones. It consists mostly of mid-range to high-end phones containing a high amount of features. The 6000 series is notable for their conservative, unisex designs, which make them popular among business users. Template:Citation needed