How much does a PhD student earn in Sweden?

The collective wage agreement sets the Salary of PhD students and Postdocs in Sweden 2021. Currently, the starting salary of a PhD student is 30000 Swedish Krona (SEK) per month which grows up per year and reach up to 34500 SEK per month.

Is PhD pay taxed?

Income Tax & National Insurance Contributions PhD Student Salary: PhD stipends are tax free and incur no income tax or national insurance contributions.

How much do PhD students get paid in Finland?

A PhD student is placed on Level 2 to Level 4 based on the progress of the thesis. In that case, the monthly gross salary of a PhD student is from 1970€ to 2460€. For a Postdoc, the starting monthly gross salary will be 2850€.

How much does a PhD student earn in Norway?

The minimum annual salary for PhD students is 442,400 NOK, which corresponds to salary grade 50 in the Norwegian state salary scale. In 2017, the average annual salary for a PhD student (stipendiat) was 456,165 NOK. After earning their doctorate, most researchers go on to a postdoc.

How many years is PhD in Sweden?

four years
Swedish doctoral degrees A standard PhD requires a minimum of four years full-time work (equivalent to 240 ECTS credits) and awards a full doctorate (along with the all-important title of ‘doctor’). Alternatively, you may choose to study for a shorter licentiate degree.

Is PhD in Sweden good?

Combining a historic higher education system with a culture of ingenuity and invention, it’s no surprise that Sweden is a popular choice for international PhD study.

Which is the best country for PhD?


  • Germany.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Japan.
  • Singapore.
  • South Korea.
  • United Kingdom. The reputation of the UK has been flourished recently due to the greatest achievements made by these universities: the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.
  • United States. The US is the best countries for PhD studies and settle abroad.
  • Is PhD a stipend salary?

    Are PhD Salaries Taxed? PhD stipends are tax free. Therefore, you don’t need to pay any income tax nor do you need to make any national insurance contributions. This means you’ll keep all the money you receive from an annual stipend.

    Does Finland pay PhD students?

    No tuition fees – you won’t pay fees for doctoral study in Finland, regardless of your nationality. Research and development – with many PhDs including an industrial link, you may be able to apply your research skills in a working environment.

    How much are PhD students paid in KTH Sweden?

    If you are employed as a PhD student at KTH, your salary follow the “doctoral ladder”, that starts at 28600 SEK/month, up to 33500SEK/month at 80% completion [1]. This gives retirement benefits and compensation during sick- or parental leave.

    Can you get a student discount card with KTH?

    If you are going to be employed by KTH, and pay tax in Sweden, you may apply for a tax reduction, due to dual residence, if you keep a residence outside of Sweden. If you are going to be a PhD in Sweden, you will be able to get your student discount card.

    How do I deposit my KTH salary into my bank account?

    In order to have your salary deposited to a bank account, please register your bank account via Nordea’s online service. KTH’s employer’s reg. no is 505751. If you want to receive salary from KTH while you are waiting to receive your personnummer, you need a temporary Löntagarnummer /Employers reg no with Nordea, that shall be reported to Nordea.

    What are the benefits of working at KTH?

    As an employee of KTH, you will enjoy benefits like occupational pension, subsidised preventive healthcare and parental compensation. The first employment contract covers a maximum period of one year. After that, the contract may be renewed for up to two years at a time.