How much does it cost to become a Mary Kay representative?

Typically it costs $100 to start but that $100 comes back to you in your kit to get started with over $400 worth of starter products. It is $100 for your starter kit, after that any cost can come from your sales you make.

How do I become a Mary Kay beauty consultant?

Take these simple steps to start:

  1. Contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant or an Independent Sales Director to learn more about the Mary Kay business opportunity.
  2. Sign your Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement and purchase the Starter Kit to help you begin selling products right away.

What are Mary Kay reps called?

beauty consultants
Business model Mary Kay distributors, called beauty consultants, can potentially make income by directly selling to people in their community, and also receive a commission when they recruit others to begin selling under their distribution network.

Is Mary Kay a scheme?

No, Mary Kay is not a Pyramid Scheme. It’s a legitimate cosmetics company with a history of providing quality beauty products to their customers. Although recruiting salespeople is crucial to other Multi-Level Marketing companies, Mary Kay consultants can still make money without recruiting others.

Where can I find Mary Kay beauty consultants?

All products are backed by the Mary Kay® Satisfaction Guarantee. Are you outside the USA? Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants are located around the world to ensure Beauty Comes to You™. All Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants are independent business owners.

Where to find Mary Kay direct sales reps?

Direct Sales reps who want to get found by people looking for products and services purchase listings on every day. “Enriching Women’s Lives.”

How many Mary Kay products are there in the world?

Feel confident that Mary Kay conducts hundreds of thousands of product tests each year for quality, safety and performance. Mary Kay celebrates more than 55 years of Enriching Women’s Lives®, and Mary Kay® products are sold in nearly 40 countries. Our values-based Company has purpose and staying power.

Is there a 90% repurchase policy for Mary Kay?

All terms, conditions, rights and/or restrictions set forth in the Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement with Mary Kay Inc., including the Company’s 90% Repurchase Policy, apply. †Mary Kay® products contained in the Mary Kay® Starter Kit for $130 are not intended to be purchased from the Company for resale and are for demonstration purposes only.