How much does it cost to get into the State fair in Shreveport Louisiana?

Gate admission is $8, P.O.P. is $35, and the FunPass is $100. There will be several opportunities for discounts on special promotion days.

How much is the bracelet for the state fair?

Standard Admission Unlimited ride wristbands are also available for purchase, pricing out at $30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; $15 on Wednesdays and $35 on Saturday and Sunday. Remember that a ride wrist band does not include the standard fair admission fee.

How much is it to get in the state fair?

NOTE: Only credit card will be accepted at admission entrances when purchasing tickets at the Fair.

Adults (12 & over) $14
Seniors (60 & over) $9
Military & Veterans with ID $9
Youth (ages 6-11) $9
Children (5 & under) FREE

How much is a corn dog at the State Fair of Texas?

The company is also selling a new corny dog in 2021 called Make Mine Texan, a brisket-beef corny dog. All corny dogs cost $6 to $8 at the State Fair of Texas. The Dallas Hot Bird Dog costs $10.

How long is Shreveport State Fair?

The State Fair of Louisiana will be held at the State Fairgrounds in Shreveport from October 28 through November 14. Gates open at 10 a.m. Admission is $12 and up.

How much is a fast pass at the Mid State fair?

WOWXpress – Fast pass program – Onsite Purchase WOWXpress wristband are available on site only at Carnival Ticket Booths for $20. This wristband allows you to enter a special entrance on every ride, and bypass the lines.

How much does a Fletcher’s corny dog cost at the Texas State Fair?

What’s the best food at the Texas State Fair?

Big Tex Choice Awards

  • 2021 Big Tex Choice Award Winners. Winner “Best Taste – Savory” DEEP FRIED SEAFOOD GUMBO BALLS. by Gourmet Royale.
  • 2021 Savory Finalists. Crispy Crazy Corn. by Ruth Hauntz.
  • 2021 Sweet Finalists. The Armadillo. by James Barrera.