How much does it cost to go to Penguin Island?

The basic cost to catch the ferry to Penguin Island is $14 per person.

Can you stay on Penguin Island?

On any given day some penguins will stay on the island, however, they stay hidden in their burrows or other secluded places. Visitors should not expect to see little penguins waddling around in the open during daylight hours, however, most days if you look carefully enough, you should be able to spot some.

Is there shade on Penguin Island?

There is some shade provided on the main beach area via a couple of wooden shelters and underneath the boardwalk areas but I would recommend taking along your own shade if you are planning on spending some time on the beach. Beaches on the north side of the island are a lot windier and wavy.

Can you swim at Penguin Island?

Swimming and snorkeling the crystal clear waters of Shoalwater Bay. Exploring the nature trails & boardwalks taking in spectacular views of the Marine Park. Having a picnic under the trees overlooking a safe swimming beach ideal for young children.

Can you jetski to Penguin Island?

2) You can take your own small boat over to the island, but mooring is not allowed on the jetty. 4) Though there is a sandbar between the island and the mainland, authorities urge vistors to Penguin Island not to cross the sandbar for safety reasons.

Are there toilets on Penguin Island?

Remember there are no food and drink facilities on the island you must bring your own. There are drop bottom toilets located only a short walk from the picnic area. It’s a 2km round walk around the island and takes about 1 hour. It is mostly boardwalks with a sandy walk along the beach on the west side of the island.

Is there toilets on Penguin Island?

Is Penguin Island pram friendly?

Timber boardwalks allow wheelchair and pram access around the island. The Penguin Island ferry and cruises depart from the Mersey Point Jetty located at 153 Arcadia Drive, Shoalwater. Ferries leave every hour on the hour from 9.00am to 3.00pm – every day of the season (September – June) except 25 December.

How far off coast is Penguin Island?

Penguin Island is a small island just 700m off the coast of Rockingham, part of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

Can you drive your own boat to Penguin Island?

Getting Onto The Island: 1) A ferry runs all day from 9am – 3pm. 2) You can take your own small boat over to the island, but mooring is not allowed on the jetty.

Can you kayak to Penguin Island?

Penguin and Seal Island Sea Kayak 6 hour Tour Spend a fun-filled day exploring Penguin and Seal Islands by sea kayak. Get up close and personal with amazing wildlife, take a guided walk to explore Penguin Island, enjoy snorkelling (December to March only, when the water is warmest).

Why is Penguin Island important?

Situated in Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, just 42km south of Perth, Penguin Island is part of a chain of islands that boasts breathtaking marine and coastal scenery. The significance of the island as a seabird breeding site also creates a focus for wildlife and scientific research.